Plagiarizer Supreme

A certain user by the name of Dookis Supreme is plagiarizing my compositions and claiming them as his/her own. For example, here is a piece they copied NOTE FOR NOTE:

My piece:

Their piece:

There is another piece where he/she takes a piece of mine and butchers it, turning it into some nonsense about raging tapioca pudding:

My piece:

Their piece:

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2 hours ago

Unser Hochzeitsplaner brachte uns zum Haus und


"Wir hatten alle Männeranzüge von Tux 'n' Tails in St. Albans, es war ein bisschen stressig, acht Jungs zu organisieren, aber ich bin froh, dass wir das gemacht haben, weil sie passen Das einzige andere Objekt, das Tom trug, war sein Hochzeitsgeschenk von mir 
, eine TAG Heuer Uhr, ich hatte ihm naiv versprochen, als wir 17 an unserem Hochzeitstag waren und ich konnte kein Versprechen halten!

"Unser Lieblingsteil des Tages war nach der Zeremonie, unser Hochzeitsplaner brachte uns zum Haus und wir hatten fünf Minuten für uns, als Tom mir sagte, wie schön ich war. und wir hatten Zeit, alles zu verdauen, was geschehen war, und dann gingen wir durch die Vordertür hinaus, um all unsere Gäste jubeln zu lassen und Rosenblütenkonfetti zu werfen. Die Fotos, die Helen in diesem Moment aufgenommen hatte Zeigen Sie echtes Glück in unseren Gesichtern. "


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17 hours ago

Goodbye Musescore!

Hey, guys, just wanted to notify you all. I have recently found a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) called FL Studio. I have been working on learning it for a few days, and I'm hooked. So, I will be making a Soundcloud account and making FL Studio music to post there and sell on the Unity Asset Store. What this means is: I'm leaving Musescore. My 6-Month journey with you guys has been very fun. But it's time for me to move on. I'm not getting rid of my account, nor am I stopping uploading. I'm just going to be WAY less active. Shoutout to Masked_mudkip105 for introducing me to musescore, and to musescore and the musescore staff for being a huge help! I would not be composing today without you guys. 
So, yeah. Goodbye, everyone, and keep composing! ;)

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6 days ago

"River flows in you" - Yiruma

can someone please please make sheet music from this link,   Yiruma - River flows in you - EASY Piano Cover/Tutorial by PlutaX Synthesia.  (on Youtube).   I know there are more advanced versions of the song but this version is the only version easy enough that I think I could play.  So could some one make sheet music to the song in the link NOT THE ADVANCED VERSION THE ONE IN THE LINK.     could any of you let me know when your working on it and finished it please, it would really appreciate it.

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2 days ago

How important do you think proper theory knowledge is in composition?

I've noticed a lot of people on here (including myself) don't know a lot of theory. 
Yet a lot of these people (not including myself?) are surprisingly amazing at composing.

So how important is it to know what different chords are and what the theory rules are? Is it just a tool, or is it absolutely essential for composition?

More discussion here:

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4 days ago


I have noticed there is no score for the HOI4 main theme, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in writing it. or at least the horn part? If anyone is interested that would be absolutely amazing it is a beautiful piece.

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4 days ago

Percussion Notes

I am currently writing a drumline piece with this software. I have created the full bass version (which you can now see on my profile) and I am on the snare part of the piece. I do have one question though that hopefully someone will be able to answer. When I add a flam to the music, why does it sound like a very open flam and not a closed flam and how can I fix that? 

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4 days ago

How did you come to start writing music?

I thought we could have a discussion where everyone shares their stories since this group's grown quite a bit. :)
Also, what's the score you're most proud of?

Here's mine btw
It's also my bio on my profile

When I was in the first grade my parents realized I could play simple melodies on the piano after hearing them, even though I'd never had a single lesson. So eventually they put me in piano lessons (I've been playing for eight years now). When I was eight, I composed my first piece, "I don't feel like coming to school". Unfortunately, I didn't compose any more pieces and lost interest in composing shortly after.

Fast forward to March 2016. One morning, I woke up hearing music in my head. It was original music I was composing on the spot; I was aware I was manipulating the melody. I was completely and utterly mind blown because I didn't know that it was possible for an average person like me to actually COMPOSE something just like that. Excited by this, I got out of bed and went downstairs to write it down, only to realize I'd forgotten the whole thing. I was kinda annoyed and figured I'd compose something to make up for my lost piece. So that day, I made my (terrible) first composition. I thought that was the end of me and composition.

But the thing is, at the same time my parents were talking about making me quit piano after I did my RCM Grade 10 Exam that summer. And it was getting pretty obvious my protests weren't changing their minds. So I was like, "What can I do to prove that I'm a talented musician, that I'm worthy of continuing?" And it soon came to me: composition. I certainly wasn't the greatest composer at the time (and I'm still not), as I didn't really know any theory except the chords I, IV, and V, but it was worth a try. From March to June 2016, I composed a whole bunch of pieces, which were kept a secret. When my parents finally said I had to quit and there was no changing their minds, I showed my pieces to them. And believe it or not, it WORKED. I'm still playing the piano today AND I've found myself a new hobby!! 

My current best score is my 300 follower special, Shine Through 

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a month ago

Tablature Question

Greetings, All!

I'm brand new to Musescore, and so far I love it! I was trained on Finale in high school, and this reminds me quite a lot of that. I'm looking to do a specific project, and I'm running into some difficulty. I'm somewhat technically challenged, so that may have something to do with it :-P

I have a piano/vocal score for a musical for which I'd like to play bass in the pit. I'm sure MTI will provide an actual bass book when we apply for the rights, but I'm not a great bass player and I'm gonna need a LOT of time to practice. What I'm doing is copying the bass line from the piano score and writing out the bass guitar tablature. I was able to figure out how to do linked staves and have both staves reflect the proper octave range relative to the piano (E1, A1, D2, G2 where Middle C is C4).

The specific problem I'm having is in regard to changing the fret numbers on the linked staves. The piece is in the key of Eb, and the first note I entered after setting the correct octave range was an Eb2, which is meant to be played on the 3rd string, 1st fret. The automatic tablature marked it as 4th string, 1st fret and flagged it in red. Not only is the instrument well capable of achieving this pitch, that tablature is flat-out incorrect. I have Musescore version 2.2, so I figured out how to switch the fret numbers by using alt+shift+up/down arrows. The problem is twofold: A) the numbers only go up to the 4th fret before switching strings and B) using that method to adjust the fret number actually changes the note in the standard notation.

This project is going to take a LONG time, so I really like the fact that Musescore can do automatic tablature. I certainly don't mind adjusting fret numbers here and there, I just want to make sure that I can get the correct number fret for what I need. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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5 days ago

Public Domain Online Sheet Music Library

Hello fellow MuseScore Composers,

It has come to my attention that some people using this website have not heard of the IMSLP Online Music Library. The website is managed by the Wikimedia Foundation, and is opperated like sites such as Wikipedia, Wiktionary, etc. The website features at this time a total 104,184 scores by 6,063 different composers and all of them are free to download in a pdf format. This online music library has been an invaluable resource for my studies in the past year and I've saved many a pretty penny by viewing the scores online instead of buying study scores. The website features famous composers across the entire span of musical publication. Ranging from the medieval era all the way up to approximately 1920. This includes pieces by...


I hope this wonderful page will be a useful tool for fellow musescore composers to study and get to know the greatest music mankind has ever written. Anyway, here is the link and enjoy!

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6 years ago

What is this scale

In a song that I'm arranging and analysing, it uses an unusual scale that I haven't seen before. What is it?
Key: Dmin
D E F G Gsharp A Bnatural C D

I couldnt include a notated version :C

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6 days ago

Wir wollten eine kleine intime englische Hochzeit in meiner Heimatstadt

"Wir wollten eine kleine intime englische Hochzeit in meiner Heimatstadt. Wir hielten die Dinge elegant, liebenswürdige Klassiker, im Einklang mit den neutralen Tönen unserer Angel House Seite mit ihrer malerischen Lage am Meer." 

Die Braut fügte ein Paar LK Bennett über Selfridges Heels, ein Diamant-Tennisarmband und ein antikes Juwelier-Collier an der Fifth Avenue New York - und endete mit dem sauberen, frischen Duft des Sommers mit einem Spritzer "White Jasmine and" Minze "von Jo Malone. Charlottes wunderschöne Frisur, mit hübschen Florian Blumen, wurde von Stephanie Marie Bespoke Hair gemacht, während ihr Make-Up ihrer besten Freundin, Sabrina O'Sullivan 
wunderschöne abendkleider
, geschenkt wurde.

Dunserer Reise nach New York am 1. September 2016 einen regnerischen Tag im Central Park vor. " 

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7 days ago