Best Music Producer?

I'm setting this up to see who we as a community believes is the best music producer out there. Comment to nominate.
By music producers, I refer to Marshmello, Martin Garrix, Allan Walker, Tobu, Blume, e.c.t

I nominate Elektronomia

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3 months ago

Looking for lyrics to songs

If anyone here has any poems or lyrics to songs they have written, I am looking for lyrics to put to songs I have written. I have already written a few songs that could have lyrics to them, but I'm not much of a lyricist myself, so if anyone could send me poems or ideas for lyrics that would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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5 hours ago

A public apology to Graemx

@Graemx  I really am sorry about that comment, I wasn't sure if you wanted suggestions and I am very sorry that you didn't. I wasn't trying to come off of complaining, I just genuinely wanted to know why my comment was deleted. No, I wasn't thinking that your music in its natural form was bad - that wasn't it at all! I did like it and feel really bad that I was mean enough for you to block me, I honestly wasn't trying to come off as mean. Please un block me if you see this, as I have no other way to reach you. I wasn't trying to have that comment come off as negative, I just wanted to be helpful.
I've learned my lesson for next time, but can you please forgive me and unblock me?

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a day ago

Something weird happened with this and I was wondering what y'alls thought it it

Okay, so up until yesterday SoundCloud has been a failure for me; in the past three or four months I've only gotten 37 views total and my most popular piece on there has 6. However, for some reason yesterday 'Love' went from having 0 views to having 369 views (as of this moment). Now, this wouldn't be nearly as odd if it were, say, 'The Forest', 'Final Battle', 'Singularity', or 'Of War'; pieces that are pretty popular (to my standards) and are among--in my opinion--my best. 'Love' is my least viewed  with 6 views; half the number of my second least viewed score, 'Siege Runner' (which is weird because I think THAT is one of my best, but whatever).

Basically, I was wondering what you guys thought of it because I want to know if 'Love' is actually really good or if this is a weird fluke possibly stemming from its relatively common title. Also, please check out 'Siege Runner' because I think it deserves more than the 12 views it has.


Siege Runner:

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3 days ago

Orchestrating Pathetique Sonata

So, I already have the first 4 measures down. For the fourth one, I just put in forte for all instruments playing and then a creschendo to fortissimo for those playing the melody so that the melody would stand out.

Here is my orchestra:

Alto flute
English horn
Bb clarinet
Bass clarinet
Horn in F
C trumpet
Alto trombone
Trombone(this would be the tenor trombone if it shows up as just trombone on the instrument list)
Bass trombone

I have been using the viola as a high bass if you get what I mean(playing the highest of the 3 bass lines and playing it an octave above where the cello is playing). So far I have only used the woodwinds and the strings. But I think I know where I would want to have the brass and the tympani. Brass where the piano music says fortissimo and tympani, also in fortissimo sections but only where the accents are. It might take me several months to orchestrate this Pathetique Sonata but once I'm done, I will upload it and ask for feedback on it.

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4 days ago

Key for talent show

I found this cantina band sheet music and it sounds really good. I want to use it (don't worry i'll properly credit the original creator) and was wondering what key it would be in. Its going from an satb sax quartet to an alto sax, tenor sax, bassoon, and trumpet. I'm new to this and would like to get this done for the quartet.

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5 days ago

Harmony / Chord Progressions

I'm trying to understand why some harmonies sound good.  I have found 2 different harmony accompaniments to the Irish Jig The Humours of Glendart.  To listen I entered them into MuseScore.  These traditional tunes have been around forever as melodies only and they make great test beds for testing different chord progressions.

In my comments to each score, I made a link to the source.  I also converted the chord progressions to generalized number format as below.  Note the A Parts are the same.

Basic Chord Progressions:
A Part
1 - 1 - 1 - 5 -
1 - 1 - 4 5 1 -

B Part
1 - 5 - 1 7 1 -
1 - 5 4 1 5 1 -

Complex Chord Progressions:
A Part
1 - 1 - 1 - 5 -
1 - 1 - 4 5 1 -

B Part
1 6 3 5 1 6 4 5
1 6 3 5 4 5 1 -

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6 days ago

Is this modulation sequence okay?

I'm almost done with the exposition of my fugue. So now I am starting to think more in terms of modulation. I figured I should do one modulation per episode. And here is the sequence I came up with:

G major -> E minor -> A minor -> C major -> F major -> D minor -> D major -> G major

I have heard from others though that the penultimate modulation, D minor -> D major, wouldn't work because it is a parallel modulation. I'm like "So what if it is parallel? The 2 keys are so different that it will work to modulate to the parallel major.".

So is it okay for me to modulate to the parallel major? And also, I was thinking of maybe using augmented 5ths in some places for the modulation, but where would it work to use an augmented 5th to modulate to the next key?

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7 days ago

Musescore Big Compostion Project n°1

Hi! I would like share with you a project I would like to fulfil ! 

So, it consist i  create a big group with the most of composers as possible! 
So, I began to compose a score , and I propose you to complete it  with somes measures , in order to have a very good and nice score! 

I just wanted you to contact me at  if you want to participate .

!!! IMPORTANT !!! 
When the score will be finished, I will add a soundfont after check  and each composers will be allowed to publish the final score on his profile ! 


Please RETURN ME the score AFTER EACH participation ! I will send the score to the next composer myself . Thx! 

Start of the project : Now ! 
End of the project : 30th of December 
Number of candidates : the most of possible of course ! 

So, have a nice day/night and let's compose !



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7 days ago

Working on a piece, no possibility to add a weird irrational time signature?

I've been working on a piece for several weeks and I would like to experiment with a really weird irrational time signature, 17/5. Depending on how it sounds I may drop this stupid idea, but right now in order to test it I have found nothing else than taking a measure of 14/4, dividing each quarter note in a quintuplet then making a "fifth" note out of 4 subdivisions of each quintuplet (if I've done the maths right xD). Even this way, it does not add up to the whole 14/4 measure because it would add up to 13.15/4 according to my paper where I tried to figure out this nightmare. So the problem comes when I want to switch back to a rational time signature (because it won't get me anywhere if it doesn't have context with rational time signatures), because the rational time signature starts somewhere in the middle of a quintuplet somewhere near the end of a 14/4 measure, and it becomes a REAL NIGHTMARE xD.

So in the end my questions is: is there no possibility to add a 17/5 time signature or a 13.15/4 time signature where I use quintuplets, so that I can contain the 17/5 part in one measure and then have the rational time signature come at the start of a new one, and be able to write it normally? I've already looked into the question but I can't seem to find a way to really do it. I hope I am clear enough about what I've tried because I still have a little bit of trouble to understand it myself. :p 

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10 days ago

Rhythmic composition group?

Is there a rhythmic composition group for non-drummers on
I'm not a drummer, but I am trying to compose for drums on the computer; and, I figure, if I can somehow gain enough insight on how to read (though not play) drum cadences, then I could probably learn enough about  what to do when I got to write a rhythmic structure or arrangement.
If a rhythmic composition group for non-drummers existed, it would be great; or, if there is a drummer's forum that would put up with me, then it would be good, too.

Just wondering where to turn, where to look, etc...


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12 days ago

I need help.......

I recently started composing a few weeks ago and I've created what I think are some pretty decent pieces, but I can't figure out how to make a good percussion part. See my scores for examples. Any percussionists out there that could give me a hand?

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14 days ago

Opinions about this 'portamento' realization (realized by a noob :p)

Hey. I'm newbie in music composition. Recently i started to learn a bit more about counterpoint and i found some portamento exercise, so i'm trying to realize it. I don't have a teacher to say if is my realization good or bad, so i decided to come here and ask you guys.

(sorry 4 my bad english, i'm brazilian)

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8 days ago