Four issues : latest version of Musescore on iPad v.s. Online

Oct 4, 2018

[this was originally posted to the General Musescore forum]

Latest version of the iPad application has changed four features that are not acceptable.
1) When launching the app on the iPad, it used to default to MyScores and now it defaults to Browse. Sorry, but that is one extra step that is not welcome.
2) I take great care to get my manuscripts to "ready to play" view, then upload them. In the past, they were displayed exactly as I created them and in their original font. Now I have to resize them every time - and it will not save the new settings. Another extra step that is not welcome nor functional when using the iPad to play a set.
3) The app used to , by default , alphabetize my songs in the SongBook . Now it shows the list by a method that I can not discern , and I have no method to reorganize the songs by alpha. Beyond an extra step.
4) A functional issue: I cannot get the last measure of a score to be included in a Loop, it seems to have something to do with second endings.
This entire upgrade version has been a problem - not the least of which is the aggravation when using the app to play sets. Either remedy the issues -or- allow some manner to step back in versions.


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