More issues with the iOS version : interacting, transposing, housekeeping, transferring.

Nov 24, 2018

A few comments / complaints about the iOS version of Musescore and Songbook.

1) Current versions of both iOS and the app.
2) While working in an ensemble, an attempt was made to transpose a piece while not connected to the internet. The app crashed hard - taking with it the piece being worked on. Completely gone. All others seem unaffected. I suspect that the app attempted to check to see if I had paid for it as I was attempting to do something that was covered only in the Pro version.
3) Taking a cue from the Adobe Reader app and how it interacts with iTunes, I opened the program space ( namespace? ) of the app on the iPad to see what I could discern.

a) recent upgrades have not done a thing about housekeeping, as there were thumbnails of scores long ago deleted still present. Furthermore there are databases that date to two years ago and are no longer being used, updated, nor deleted.
b) because of how iOS handles program space ( namespace ), even though I can add an .mscz file to the namespace, the app does not know how to handle it’s presence.

What we are going to do as soon as the next “update” is available is delete the entire program from the iPad, then install the newest version. 

I get that you want to make some revenue off of this application, but if you call something Pro, then it needs to act like it.

Being able to move files directly from desktop/laptop to the iOS application space would solve a whole lot of users problems ( after reading through the recent complaints ). Using Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud is great, but when you have a venue that is out of internet reach, it does no one any good.
Proper housekeeping is essential.
Allow rollback to prior version is only a wise choice. I have two iPads, my wife’s Pro which is up to date and having all of the issues and mine, which is not up to date and has no issues, nor is it “Pro”. If there were a way to Backup my version and re-install it on her machine, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

Fix this. Next comment will be on the review page on the iTunes store.


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