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Nov 30, 2018

Sorry guys but I don’t know what this developers are doing with this app. Since the last update I have a lot of trouble with the network. Further, after deleting and reinstalling all the sheet music which where stored in the songbook are gone, which means that I have to download them one by one again.

Also the rendering of the sheet music after zooming in has still some bugs. Sometimes the staffs are sometimes anywhere on the page or only one bar line per page is displayed an than it goes to the next page.
Even sometimes after a repeat the measures don’t compare with the audio output.

The bug reports getting completely ignored which isn’t a good behavior in my opinion.

Fix the issues and make this app usable again because bevore the major update it was a very good app for musicians but now it becomes more and more worst and the next step from my site that I will report this app to apple. Because it took already enough time where I couldn’t use this app as I expected


I share Blackbird’s frustrations. Each update has made it worse, and we have heard nothing in weeks from “the powers that be”. All scores have been lost, and most of the time Favorites, My Scores and songbook are inoperable. Network connection error messages frequently appear. Why is the app getting worse and worse with each update?
Hi, the correct release version 2.1.0 will be early next week with a lot of improvements and bug fixes. Sorry for the wait. Spend a lot of time testing and debugging
Yozhik, thanks for that first message update in weeks. Unfortunately, there is ZERO credibility left because we’ve been receiving those kinds of reassurances for months now and the app keeps getting worse. Why should we believe anything said now?
And it can also be argued that the probability that the application has become better is ZERO, until the update is published.
Otherwise, your words can be viewed as intentional prejudice.

I work on a mobile app hard and often miss a lot of discussion. What exactly are you blaming the mobile MuseScore team? What is hidden under the words "the app keeps getting worse"?

If you tell and make a list, it will be a very good start!

I will always be happy to receive feedback, so feel free to write to me personally.
Each time I update the app, it gets worse.  I now can't even browse because it keeps telling me there is network problem.  I am instructed to log out and back in again only to find the same message staring at me.  this used to be a great tool for sheet music to be used on my iPad.  Now it's horrible.  Can someone at Musescore listen to our complaints and get a team with the expertise to fix it once and for all.  
To begin with the last update happily enough did improve the engraving significantly so we can for the first time properly recognize all chords. The first improvement. But the app is still useless as long as not ALL problems have been solved I did explain in a number of points earlier. It is not usefull to repeat them all you can find them for yourself.
I still use 2 iPads one using the previous 1.13 version and one 2... to be able to compare every next update. But this last version also introduced all kind of extra new networking problems, not able to search for anything, at restart again asking to become PRO user which I'm already, with so many actions returning it to networking problems, that I really needed to stop testing.
So YES there is hughes new problem as @Blackbird7808 and @KPJ identifies.
So YES the v.1.13 is the only usefull app which was available.
So YES there is little credibility left since little improves.
But also YES I will be eager to try and compare the next weeks version and I will relist one by one and personally discuss with you why we cannot use this app if this new problem has been solved.
"why we cannot use this app if this new problem has been solved". It sounds very strange, is not it? Could you clarify your words please?

I read it as "if the current problem is resolved, we will look for others that prevent us from using the app."

Above, I said that it would be best to put together a list of problems and bugs so that our team could discuss them entirely.

I call for a constructive dialogue so that together we can understand what the main problems are, identify them and solve them in order to make the app better.
A solution to the problem with the network connection will be published in a new release at the beginning of the week.
Have you even bothered to read the most recent reviews in the Apple App Store? Why are you asking users to do your job of bug-identification? Why does the app keep getting worse and worse?
@Farkenzi We read reviews, so the new version releases as soon as possible this week.
@Robipad @Farkenzi @Blackbird7808 @KPJ 

An update is already available. Thanks for waiting. I expect your impressions.
@Stanislav Botev Sorry bad news for you from my site. I've just tested it on my iPad.

1. Sheet Music which was originally stored in the songbook is still not there.
2. Some Instrument-parts names are not displayed and named as "part 0"
3. The rendering of measeruses after filtering an instrument still don't works properly one some pages, I only have 3-4 measures, depending of the size of the sheet music.
4. Zoom function is limited to three times that makes is very difficult 

Bottomline it have still enough bugs in this app which makes it still unusable for exercising.
Just make the old app avialable again. This worked properly and was very good to handle.
@Blackbird7808 The list of changes is specified in the update description. Thank you.
@Stanislav Botev What type of answer is this? You are requiring for a feedback and than we become this. It is very disappointing.
That is what @Farkenzi was talking about. 

Just for your information, via updating the app the only the network connection was solved but no sheet was able to open. Only deleting and a reinstall maid the app more or less usable again.
And furthermore, instead of implementing new functions like "Comments" or "Google Sign-in" solve the problems user have over weeks with this app.

And once again, the notes rendering engine still don't work properly what I recognized. And also some translation mistakes happend.

At the moment it seems that this is a banana-app which ripen at the user but from the entire testing you've complained  a can't see very much.
@Blackbird7808 Tomorrow these four tasks will be reviewed by the note rendering engine development team.
The most important thing is to be calm.
I want to clarify the idea. We cannot do all things at one time. If you look back in time, you will see that the app has become much better than two or three months ago.

Some things make it harder and longer than others, so it seems that we are not doing what you expect from us.
Just tried 2.1.0. Still shows network connection error message, still can’t see anything in My Scores or Favorites, still 100s of scores missing from Songbook, still the same old problems. Yes, I logged in and out several times. Yes, I re-installed the app. The defensive and untimely reactions of staff, as shown in this forum thread, are clearly part of the problem. The app has been ruined and it’s getting worse and worse.
To begin with:
For iOS 10.3.3 (old iPad) it shows an update (4 dec), which I not will install of course to keep my v.1.13 running.
For iOS 12.1 it doesn't show an update!!!
So It seems I need to deliberately remove my MuseScore first. If not it doesn't start but starts with a "Network request failed" message forcing me to Logout first. Logging in again leaves me with the same mess as before. When removing the app by definition you will loose all your previous stored Songbook songs, since it will loose the documents connection. (Which imho is how all apps function at an iPad).
This behaviour of the update "not showing up in iOS 12" is at least the 3rd time I notice this. So installing the latest update after removing the previous one, shows a new starting secuence. Don't expect me to say "Thanks" as long it is not up to level V.1.13. After login in the "Network request request failed" message didn't show anymore. But the Songs don't remain present at your screen. Whatever directory I use "Browse" or "Songbook" they just dissappear after 30-60 seconds and it switches back to "Browse"
Completely instable. All other previously mentioned shortcomings are still present. I really cannot say anything has improved since the first release except the engraving. You really should return to V.1.13 and create some Beta version instead of using months and months to get to that previous level again. Sorry to say so!!
Robipad is correct on all counts. Staff seems to want sympathy and — believe it or not - gratitude- for a mess they’ve made, and continue to make, of this miserable app. And then when the problems are pointed out to them, which they have requested, they get defensive and rude. Why should we users try to help under these circumstances? If we report problems, we get slammed and vilified!
@Stanislav Botev
Please read our comments and give some reply. Maybe if no name is mentioned you didn't see them. This is one of the problems in this communication tool. One gets no notification whatsoever if no reply name is mentioned. People easily forget to add the name and expect that a comment to the subject will notify all "subject" users. So sorry if I forgot.
How about the "subscribe to the discussion" functionality?
Tip: to not worry about the notification, click on the "three dots" in the right part of the comment and select "Reply."
@Stanislav Botev
Thanks good suggestion, however the "your comment space" is a more inviting place to start then "three dots" but I'll try to remember. Me and others did make suggestions for improvements months ago, but nobody did reply. So I give up commenting.
8 dec 2018
Strange at 7 dec you posted 3 answers to me. I replied them all at 7 dec. Only one answer + reply has been left (see above). The other 2 have been removed inclusive my reply by whom??? And Why???
Sad, but no surprise that Robipad got no answer to these questions.

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