New Musescore for IOS User

Dec 15, 2018

I bought an iPad and installed the Musescore App 2.1.1. And I wonder, like others, what the point of this app is. Everything it offers you can get via the web interface in much better quality. And the big feature, the songbook doesn't reproduce pictures that you have integrated into your scores as an eye catcher or to support the message of the song. Instead, the font for the lyrics is displayed quite differently, which means that all hyphens are shifted in word separations by half a line.
Change the volume of the instruments? No way! Doesn't work for me. The only thing that works is to mute or solo.  And why can't you edit your scores with this app?
As it is, the only advantage is to play songs offline on the iPad. Since you are online most of the time anyway, the web interface offers much better possibilities.


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