Hateno Village (Day)

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Who’s one person that you love and are super grateful for? ^_^

1.Hey guys! I've been working on this for a while, but I gave up because I got bored. But hey I finished it now! This is a piano solo of Breath of the Wild's Hateno Village (Day). This definitely is not one of my best scores, but I did my best lol. This is the best piano solo I could do for this song. :) I hope you like it.

2. What did you all think of the latest Nintendo Direct?!?!
Super Mario Maker 2?! So hype for that guys. I'm also super excited for the remastered Link's Awakening!

3. I plan on being more active to post scores, so please follow to stay updated!

Thanks guys! See you in the comments!
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This is my first composition without having any previous songwriting experience. I hope you enjoy it for I did the best I could. I am willing to take any constructive critism you might have to improve my skills.


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Hello all,
It has been quite a while since my last upload due to a busy schedule, but I am here now with a revamp/relaunch of my musescore account. Stay tuned for more pieces by me in the coming weeks. Thank you all for the lovely feedback for me to keep going.

See you soon!