As iOS developer, how can I make contributions to the mobile apps?

First, I have only just heard about MuseScore and downloaded to my Mac. Awesome! I have searched GitHub and the forums a bit, but I haven't found an answer to my question. I'm sorry if this newbie post is addressed elsewhere.

I have experience as developer of iOS iPhone and iPad apps. I could not find an open source repository for the iOS code or how to help with the development. Please help me understand how to help with the mobile development effort. Thanks.

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a day ago

Musescore Updates Never Available At iOS 12...

The only way I know that there is a new Musescore "update" at my iOS 12.... (presently 12.1.1) is because I know it from my iOS 10.1.3 at my old iPad. At the new iPad I never!!! did get any update. So the only way to test the new update it is by deleting Musescore and downloading it again from iCloud. (Remember I don't update my old iPad to keep my precious version 1.13 alive). Then the new update will be installed but then also all Songbook data is lost again which unacceptable anyway. Latest Musescore version 2.1.10-15 jan.

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a day ago

What is wrong with my email adress?

In a yellow bar it tells me: "It seems something's wrong with your email as we couldn't send you an important notification, update your email address."
What is this for B...? I don't want to change my email address nor my password for many reasons ( for the time beïng). Everybody else has no problem, so please just delete that message!!

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20 days ago

New Musescore for IOS User

I bought an iPad and installed the Musescore App 2.1.1. And I wonder, like others, what the point of this app is. Everything it offers you can get via the web interface in much better quality. And the big feature, the songbook doesn't reproduce pictures that you have integrated into your scores as an eye catcher or to support the message of the song. Instead, the font for the lyrics is displayed quite differently, which means that all hyphens are shifted in word separations by half a line.
Change the volume of the instruments? No way! Doesn't work for me. The only thing that works is to mute or solo.  And why can't you edit your scores with this app?
As it is, the only advantage is to play songs offline on the iPad. Since you are online most of the time anyway, the web interface offers much better possibilities.

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a month ago

Cannot login as Pro without payïng again!

With the new update V.2.1.5 (17 dec. 2018) I need to accept payïng first again for a yearly subscription while I'm already Pro user. Previously I could choose for directly login. Again this update was not present in my 12.1 iOS but in my 10.3 iOS (which I never update carefully preserving my V.1.13). You really cannot expect me payïng again before I can open the app. Additionally I don't want to accept an automatic yearly subscription for an app which is untill now completely useless for me. I really will help testing new updates but not if this every time is new dissapointement. You need to solve this first.

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a month ago

MuseScore iOS App ver.2.1.0

Sorry guys but I don’t know what this developers are doing with this app. Since the last update I have a lot of trouble with the network. Further, after deleting and reinstalling all the sheet music which where stored in the songbook are gone, which means that I have to download them one by one again.

Also the rendering of the sheet music after zooming in has still some bugs. Sometimes the staffs are sometimes anywhere on the page or only one bar line per page is displayed an than it goes to the next page.
Even sometimes after a repeat the measures don’t compare with the audio output.

The bug reports getting completely ignored which isn’t a good behavior in my opinion.

Fix the issues and make this app usable again because bevore the major update it was a very good app for musicians but now it becomes more and more worst and the next step from my site that I will report this app to apple. Because it took already enough time where I couldn’t use this app as I expected

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a month ago

Please relaunch the Songbook app until the Musescore app 2.x is completely fixed

Dmitriy Popov, thank you for clarifying that relaunching Songbook is possible, though difficult. There is a balance between the difficulties for the Musescore team and the very real difficulties of customers having their work deleted and their daily activities  brought to a halt.

This raises the question: How can users persuade the Musescore team to provide the Songbook app until the Musescore app 2.x is completely fixed?

The “upgrade” from Songbook 1.13 to MuseScore app 2.x seems to be a forced migration rather than an upgrade. The MuseScore app 2.x is not so much about customer satisfaction, but primarily about removing features and thereby locking Musescore app users to The Musescore team stated May 7th that important Songbook functions would be removed in the new Musescore app. Customers were not warned about this, nor about the risk of losing files, an issue that was flagged middle of May.

Some suggestions on how to make it worthwhile for the Musescore team take care of their customers by providing Songbook till crucial flaws are adressed:
Money is always important

  1. The Songbook app was underpriced. Relaunch it with a $10 price tag
  2. Help Musescore innovate differentiate paid features for Musescore app 2.x (in app purchases) and
  3. Increase donations for Musescore Desktop development for example by users approaching governmental agencies as a tool for preserving music, language and cultural traditions.
  4. Improve the library making a yearly subscription worthwhile, like a mailing list when a group of scores is updated (mail or message “You have an updated score in group x”). Also reviews and ratings making it fun and easy to find new music
  5. Facilitate the selling/renting of scores through i.e. becoming the - the Spotify of digital music scores.

  6. Customer satisfaction?
    Previous Songbook evangelists are now looking at alternative software for reading Musescore files (which are XML).
  7. User poll?
  8. Good relations with App Stores?
    The “upgrade” from Songbook 1.13 to MuseScore app 2.x was more like a forced migration. The new features are not so much about customer satisfaction, but primarily about removing features and thereby locking Musescore app users to The Musescore team stated May 7th that important Songbook functions would be removed in the new Musescore app. Customers were not warned about this, nor about the risk of losing files, an issue that was flagged middle of May.

    A concerted approach to Google Play, iTunes App Store and Kindle App Store might help the Musescore team realize the gravity of the situation. The downside may be that the Musescore app could be banned from the app stores since the forced migration, deleting files without warning and removing features customers paid for, can be considered dubious business practice and may infringe the app store contract.

Suggestions for regarding a Songbook relaunch are welcome here and in 

I am looking forward to how Musescore can take better care of their customers.

Best regards,
Joe Siri Ekgren

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4 months ago


Hola a todos,ayer decidí suscribirme a la aplicación con un mes de prueba y hoy ya no quier saber nada de ella,cuesta una eternidad conectarse,se cierra muchas veces cuando vas a ver una partitura y vuelta a la eternidad para conectarse,no hay orden en las partituras ,no están clasificadas no por dificultad,género autor ni nada y solo está en inglés además las partituras se repiten una y otra vez por autores diferentes sin poder saber cual es la buena,un desastre y una gran decepción,saludos y si la mejoran me avisan y la probaré,gracias.

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a month ago


Just got the app on my iPhone, and so far I'm pleased with it. Being able to take all this music on the go is super nice. However, can you leave comments with the app? I could not find a way. I would find that super useful. Also, if there could be a "User search" That would be very handy. Also, will there possibly be groups on the app in the future? Thanks. 

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a month ago

More issues with the iOS version : interacting, transposing, housekeeping, transferring.

A few comments / complaints about the iOS version of Musescore and Songbook.

1) Current versions of both iOS and the app.
2) While working in an ensemble, an attempt was made to transpose a piece while not connected to the internet. The app crashed hard - taking with it the piece being worked on. Completely gone. All others seem unaffected. I suspect that the app attempted to check to see if I had paid for it as I was attempting to do something that was covered only in the Pro version.
3) Taking a cue from the Adobe Reader app and how it interacts with iTunes, I opened the program space ( namespace? ) of the app on the iPad to see what I could discern.

a) recent upgrades have not done a thing about housekeeping, as there were thumbnails of scores long ago deleted still present. Furthermore there are databases that date to two years ago and are no longer being used, updated, nor deleted.
b) because of how iOS handles program space ( namespace ), even though I can add an .mscz file to the namespace, the app does not know how to handle it’s presence.

What we are going to do as soon as the next “update” is available is delete the entire program from the iPad, then install the newest version. 

I get that you want to make some revenue off of this application, but if you call something Pro, then it needs to act like it.

Being able to move files directly from desktop/laptop to the iOS application space would solve a whole lot of users problems ( after reading through the recent complaints ). Using Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud is great, but when you have a venue that is out of internet reach, it does no one any good.
Proper housekeeping is essential.
Allow rollback to prior version is only a wise choice. I have two iPads, my wife’s Pro which is up to date and having all of the issues and mine, which is not up to date and has no issues, nor is it “Pro”. If there were a way to Backup my version and re-install it on her machine, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

Fix this. Next comment will be on the review page on the iTunes store.

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a month ago

help, its sunday night, its all going wrong....

please help me if you can.  i successfully created a score online using musescore before...ive logged in, the score is still there.  i wasnt imagining it.  now, i cannot see where to start a new score online.

off to the the app.  am i right that the ipad version can only be used to view scores rather than create them?  

i am hoping to use musescore to create arrangements for my string orchestra.  thanks

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2 months ago

Plan of crucial releases. UPD: 2.0.5 has been released.


A few days ago we released a new version of the MuseScore Songbook app. Unfortunately, we made a few mistakes in the process and, as a result, we released the app without the opportunity to revert back the previous version.

This is a failure on our part, and I sincerely express my apology for this mistake.

At the moment the entire MuseScore mobile team is working on a fix. To make the process more clear and transparent in the future, I'd like to share plans for the next releases to give you an idea where we are headed and what to expect.

Version 2.0.3 - Released on September, 20th
- Fix "Send copy to MuseScore" from email/dropbox/etc
- Fix score view on iPAD
- Add "background verification" of orders: If a user bought the paid Songbook app, after application launch, they should have immediate access to all paid functionality (now users must manually enable using the "restore" button)
- Ultra Crucial: Scores with 4+ instruments view
- Mixer will not retain parts volume settings. It remembers metronome settings and parts visibility, but parts volume settings return to default levels as soon as the Mixer is closed
- Add localization for Italian, Russian, German, Japanese and possibly other languages.
- Fix top crash issue
- Implement unauthenticated mode
- The user should never be logged-out after login unless manually logging out.

Version 2.0.4 - released on September, 28th
Version 2.0.5 - released on October, 2nd (minor bugs improvements)

- In horizontal-view pressing on "zoom" button rotate to the vertical view.
- Implement compatibility with "Share files" service in iTunes.
- Add "pre-counter" feature to the metronome.
- Add sort order and search to "My Scores", "Songbook", and "Favorites" screens.

P.S. We can move some tasks between versions. 

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4 months ago

Four issues : latest version of Musescore on iPad v.s. Online

[this was originally posted to the General Musescore forum]

Latest version of the iPad application has changed four features that are not acceptable.
1) When launching the app on the iPad, it used to default to MyScores and now it defaults to Browse. Sorry, but that is one extra step that is not welcome.
2) I take great care to get my manuscripts to "ready to play" view, then upload them. In the past, they were displayed exactly as I created them and in their original font. Now I have to resize them every time - and it will not save the new settings. Another extra step that is not welcome nor functional when using the iPad to play a set.
3) The app used to , by default , alphabetize my songs in the SongBook . Now it shows the list by a method that I can not discern , and I have no method to reorganize the songs by alpha. Beyond an extra step.
4) A functional issue: I cannot get the last measure of a score to be included in a Loop, it seems to have something to do with second endings.
This entire upgrade version has been a problem - not the least of which is the aggravation when using the app to play sets. Either remedy the issues -or- allow some manner to step back in versions.

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3 months ago

iOS app v2.0.4 has multiple bugs - but crashes now fixed by version "36"

Bugs I found and reported today for iOS v. 2.0.4: 
1) Songs downloaded to Songbook show as "This item is temporarily unavailable" no matter how many times you try to open it.
2) Tapping the  “Parts Mixer” icon crashes the app immediately.
3) Tapping the “Tempo and Transposition” icon crashes the app immediately 
4) Tapping the Magnifier icon when in Landscape mode turns the display 90 degrees to Portrait even though you are holding the device in Landscape. This makes this control pretty much useless, since although you can adjust note size, you cannot see the effect on the screen in its wrong orientation.

Additional problems with v. 2.0.4:
A) Although there is some "Help" available in the app, the Introduction page shows as "updated 1 year ago." It is out of date, referring to a "Free" and a "Paid" version of the app, which this update now eliminates.
B) The splash screens when you first install the app describe a feature "now available" involving a two-finger screen gesture that doesn't actually work.
C) Although you can now "Share" from the "Browse" screen (formerly "Discover"), Sharing to a Mac sends only a text link. Sharing to an iPad stilling running the previous "Songbook" edition that has not yet suffered this update brings up a menu to select what app should open the shared file, but neither Songbook nor MuseScore are listed, so Sharing fails.

I participated in the "Testflight" beta testing for the new Songbook app which was terminated over a month ago with no explanation. The beta I helped test did not have these bugs. 

This week we wake up to a buggy update of our previous app, crippling our use of MuseScore on iOS devices.  I have sent messages to admins of this Group, Thomas and Nicolas, asking for an explanation. (For some reason, Dmitriy's page does not permit messages.)

My request: Bring back the old app and let's debug the new version properly before releasing it again!

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4 months ago

Using MIDI keyboard with MuseScore

I'm trying to connect my Yamaha P-115 keyboard to my MacBook Pro so that I can use MuseScore to notate music I perform on the keyboard. I have the appropriate MIDI cable, but I have not been able to get MuseScore to receive/respond to any MIDI input. Would welcome help!

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3 months ago

Most important features previous app (V1.13) are missing.

Yesterday I complained about the new version directly to Thomas (in Dutch), while not yet having read the reactions in this group. I don't need to repeat all what has been said already it covers most. In short the app was completely unusable for me.
One important issue is to be able to import .mscz files from any other app.
The last update (19th sept) seems to solve some (if not all? Like attached files from Adobe?) of this. The second most important issue is to be able to export transposed pdf files from the Songbook which I use every day. Lucky enough I didn't update I test it at my friends iPad once a week to see the progress.

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3 months ago

New MuseScore iOS freemium app

Hi. 2 days ago a new MuseScore app was released.
To avoid duplicate information, this release is essentially the same as Android:

At this moment we know about a few issues in the new App and we will fix it asap. My personal apologies for any incovenience. =(

In order to have a consistent list of the top issues I'll write them here. If you want to add something, please don't hesitate to add information in the comments.

0. Users who bought the app before have no access to the paid functions. 
Our goal is not to collect more money from existing customers. If you logged in in the previous app you have access after login. If not, you can use the "restore" button on the paid layout (we will add this button to the "settings" page in the next release).

1. On iPad 2 scores are playing, but not viewing properly.
We are working on it.

2. Migration issue: after the update, some users lost their scores in the Songbook. 
At the moment we can't reproduce this issue. Any additional information can help us to isolate this issue. If you are having this issue, let us know which device and OS version that is the source of lost scores.

3. Some users can't export to songbook. 
We also can't reproduce this issue. If anybody has this problem, please write me directly on the facebook messenger ( ) or by email at

4. "Share files" functionality on iTunes
We are working on a fix.

5. Sorting in the Songbook and favorites lists. Before the update it was alphabetical but now it's ordered by adding date.
We are also working on a fix.

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4 months ago