Four issues : latest version of Musescore on iPad v.s. Online

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Latest version of the iPad application has changed four features that are not acceptable.
1) When launching the app on the iPad, it used to default to MyScores and now it defaults to Browse. Sorry, but that is one extra step that is not welcome.
2) I take great care to get my manuscripts to "ready to play" view, then upload them. In the past, they were displayed exactly as I created them and in their original font. Now I have to resize them every time - and it will not save the new settings. Another extra step that is not welcome nor functional when using the iPad to play a set.
3) The app used to , by default , alphabetize my songs in the SongBook . Now it shows the list by a method that I can not discern , and I have no method to reorganize the songs by alpha. Beyond an extra step.
4) A functional issue: I cannot get the last measure of a score to be included in a Loop, it seems to have something to do with second endings.
This entire upgrade version has been a problem - not the least of which is the aggravation when using the app to play sets. Either remedy the issues -or- allow some manner to step back in versions.

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4 months ago

iOS app v2.0.4 has multiple bugs - but crashes now fixed by version "36"

Bugs I found and reported today for iOS v. 2.0.4: 
1) Songs downloaded to Songbook show as "This item is temporarily unavailable" no matter how many times you try to open it.
2) Tapping the  “Parts Mixer” icon crashes the app immediately.
3) Tapping the “Tempo and Transposition” icon crashes the app immediately 
4) Tapping the Magnifier icon when in Landscape mode turns the display 90 degrees to Portrait even though you are holding the device in Landscape. This makes this control pretty much useless, since although you can adjust note size, you cannot see the effect on the screen in its wrong orientation.

Additional problems with v. 2.0.4:
A) Although there is some "Help" available in the app, the Introduction page shows as "updated 1 year ago." It is out of date, referring to a "Free" and a "Paid" version of the app, which this update now eliminates.
B) The splash screens when you first install the app describe a feature "now available" involving a two-finger screen gesture that doesn't actually work.
C) Although you can now "Share" from the "Browse" screen (formerly "Discover"), Sharing to a Mac sends only a text link. Sharing to an iPad stilling running the previous "Songbook" edition that has not yet suffered this update brings up a menu to select what app should open the shared file, but neither Songbook nor MuseScore are listed, so Sharing fails.

I participated in the "Testflight" beta testing for the new Songbook app which was terminated over a month ago with no explanation. The beta I helped test did not have these bugs. 

This week we wake up to a buggy update of our previous app, crippling our use of MuseScore on iOS devices.  I have sent messages to admins of this Group, Thomas and Nicolas, asking for an explanation. (For some reason, Dmitriy's page does not permit messages.)

My request: Bring back the old app and let's debug the new version properly before releasing it again!

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5 months ago

Using MIDI keyboard with MuseScore

I'm trying to connect my Yamaha P-115 keyboard to my MacBook Pro so that I can use MuseScore to notate music I perform on the keyboard. I have the appropriate MIDI cable, but I have not been able to get MuseScore to receive/respond to any MIDI input. Would welcome help!

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4 months ago

Most important features previous app (V1.13) are missing.

Yesterday I complained about the new version directly to Thomas (in Dutch), while not yet having read the reactions in this group. I don't need to repeat all what has been said already it covers most. In short the app was completely unusable for me.
One important issue is to be able to import .mscz files from any other app.
The last update (19th sept) seems to solve some (if not all? Like attached files from Adobe?) of this. The second most important issue is to be able to export transposed pdf files from the Songbook which I use every day. Lucky enough I didn't update I test it at my friends iPad once a week to see the progress.

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5 months ago

New MuseScore iOS freemium app

Hi. 2 days ago a new MuseScore app was released.
To avoid duplicate information, this release is essentially the same as Android:

At this moment we know about a few issues in the new App and we will fix it asap. My personal apologies for any incovenience. =(

In order to have a consistent list of the top issues I'll write them here. If you want to add something, please don't hesitate to add information in the comments.

0. Users who bought the app before have no access to the paid functions. 
Our goal is not to collect more money from existing customers. If you logged in in the previous app you have access after login. If not, you can use the "restore" button on the paid layout (we will add this button to the "settings" page in the next release).

1. On iPad 2 scores are playing, but not viewing properly.
We are working on it.

2. Migration issue: after the update, some users lost their scores in the Songbook. 
At the moment we can't reproduce this issue. Any additional information can help us to isolate this issue. If you are having this issue, let us know which device and OS version that is the source of lost scores.

3. Some users can't export to songbook. 
We also can't reproduce this issue. If anybody has this problem, please write me directly on the facebook messenger ( ) or by email at

4. "Share files" functionality on iTunes
We are working on a fix.

5. Sorting in the Songbook and favorites lists. Before the update it was alphabetical but now it's ordered by adding date.
We are also working on a fix.

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5 months ago

Third-party Music XML players: alternatives to discontinued Songbook-app?

While I consider myself to be a Musescore evangelist, I am concerned about the discontinuation of Musescore Songbook, a paid app.

Another source of worry is the  Musescore app team disregarding repeated warnings from concerned and experienced users four months ago, releasing a premature and intentionally crippled Musescore Mobile.

Many of us depend on the paid Songbook app to get work done, and seem to have been left in the lurch. 

Has anyone tested Music XML players for Android or iOS?


Would anyone be interested in a collaboration document comparing features and experiences?

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5 months ago

Upgrade - scores not visible - critical issue

Pro members since Nov 2014

Ipad MC979ZP/A
IOS 9.3.5 (13G36)
App update from 1.13-2.0

When I open any score, the page is bank except for the chrome of the app. The score will play, and the controls work, but no score is visible.

I have re-installed the app, and restarted the device a number of times, which has had no effect on the problem.

I run two choirs with over 70 members (many of whom sing from tablets), and have my organ church music on my iPad. 

This is a critical issue. Please advise.

Pete Alan

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5 months ago

Please remove Musescore temporarily from Google Play and Apple App Store till critical flaws are fixed

Thank you for sharing the road map for fixing the flaws in the Musescore app. 

People are losing their scores when "upgrading" Songbook to the new Musescore app. Until the critical flaws are fixed, could you please remove the flawed Musescore app on Google Play and App Store avoid other users losing their scores?  

Kind regards,
Joe Siri Ekgren

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5 months ago

Problems with Songbook function of update app on IOS

The good:
1)  It does play a 3-staff score.  Repeats appear to work correctly.
2) The change note size (magnifier icon) on the bottom menu works correctly.
The bad:
1) All previous Songbook scores are gone.  Have to reload, if you still have them.
2) Selecting the "Settings" icon from the bottom menu crashes the app.
3) Selecting the "Mixer" icon from the bottom menu crashes the app.
This last bug renders Songbook useless for ensemble practice as you cannot alter the volume of the different parts or alter tempo or include a metronome beat.  

This sort of bug is NOT subtle and should have been caught in basic unit testing before the "upgraded" app was released.  Might I suggest that the best short-term approach is to re-release the previous standalone version of Songbook?  I can't believe that a lot of folks authored scores on an iPhone (maybe an iPad), but playback for practice/rehearsal was a primary use, now rendered useless.

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5 months ago

After update of the Songbook app

Yesterday I've received the update of the new songbook app on iOS for my iPad Air 2.

Two thinks are very disappointing on the new app.

1. The pre-counter  isn't available anymore which makes it very difficult to use this app for exercising. Only the metronom is available put that isn't very helpful.

2. The sorting of the favorites in the app. In the previous version there was an alphabetical sorting of the songbook. Now I have no idea how the app is sorting the sheet music. A detailed manual I've didn't found.

In sum with the new update this app made a step back instead of forward. 
Please add the pre-counter again and improve the sorting of the songbook.


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5 months ago

Please make app more useful

I am excited about accessing on my phone/tablet scores that I am uploading in my account, but right now it is not useful. There is no way to make folders or classify or even just show the list in an alphabetical order. Can't even play the synced audio.

The other option would be to use the songbook, at least it offers to sort alphabetically, but the only option to transfer files is to open them one by one and it is not very straightforward. No way to open a folder, or open at all from inside the app...
pleeeeease work on the app, I am looking for reasons to pay my pro membership :)

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7 months ago

Problem with repeats on a large score

I have a large score - 30 pages or so - of two parts. In Musescore the repeats work correctly. Online in my scores it works correctly. When I download the score to songbook on my iPad it ignores all repeats. If I open it in songbook from My Scores (online) it ignores all repeats.

I reduced the score to just three pages, and only one of them has a score on it, and it also fails. If you can access my public scores it is called "Practical Method test".

I made a simple 1 measure score with muse score with a repeat and uploaded it to my scores and downloaded it to my iPad and it plays correctly, repeating once.

Any help would be appreciated.

(A side note, I saw there is a beta for a new version of Songbook on Android, is there also one for iOS, and if so, can I join?)



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Using Musescore and the Songbook App to practice music.

Hi everybody!
I am a very keen user of Musescore and I would like to use it more and more during my instrument practice (cello, in this case).
The Songbook app would be excellent for this purpose but I find the position of the controls and the cycle point positioning very uncomfortable.
In particular, from my point of view, a single-screen layout of most commands would be much more convenient, as well as other ideas that I would have in mind.
I know that Musescore is designed and developed mainly to show sheet music but I think that provide an interface more confortable while you're practicing would make many users happy.
What do you think about?

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7 months ago

Change tuning in iOS app

Currently it is not possible to change the tuning in the iOS app of MuseScore for playback (e. g. change to 442 Hz)  This is a very handy function on the desktop version (on the synthesizer panel). Can't it be implemented on the iOS app as well?

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7 months ago

Why not add notifications?

I have the app for musescore and I personally would love if musescore could be more like a social media. ( I don't want it to BE a social media since that wouldn't really make sense especially ) I mainly would just would like to have notifications when ever one of my favorite musescorers create something or when someone comments or likes my stuff. 

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9 months ago

problem with Musescore-help!

I have been having difficulties with Musescore for a couple months.  when I open Musescore, the icons on the toolbars (File Manager, Note Input, etc.) are all as large as the screen. If I go into View and remove all the toolbars, have can then hit Command - to shrink the score down to 5% (according to the program) but in actuality it is what would normally be 100% size.  This has been happening periodically for several months. Every so often, I will open Musescore and it will revert back to normal size while I keep the program open, but if I close the program out, it reverts back to the gigantic icons. When this happens, I will delete Musescore from my computer and redownload, but that doesn't work.  I have downloaded Musescore on another computer, but still the icons are the size of the computer screen. I have gone into Musescore properties and have shrunk the icons down as much as I can, but still am not able to see my entire score.  I have a mac 27 inch running 10.11 and and mac mini running 10.13.  I have updated both computers and have redownloaded Musescore multiple times to no avail. I am in the middle to a writing a score and would like to finish, but i can't. If anyone has any suggestions or has the same problem, please help.

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9 months ago

Private scores, Groups and Search on the app

Dear Musescore,
Members of my choirs are not finding all the groups scores in Discover on their Songbook apps.
When I create new scores, I make the scores private and then add them to the specific Choir group. I always prefix the title with the name of the choir, either "MonMVC|Title..." for the Monmouth Male Voice Choir, or "DandDmvc| Title..." for the Drybrook and District Male Voice Choir.
I teach choir members to find the new scores by typing either "MonMVC", or "DandDmvc" into the Discover search section of their Songook app. As the prefixes are unique, this has previously returned all the scores in the group.
I have now seen, for three different group members, in the two groups mentioned that the list returned by the search is not a complete list of all the songs in that group - so not a complete list of all the songs starting with the specified prefix. Changing the search to the specific title of the missing piece, for example, "MonMVC|The Book of Love", returns a null result from the search.
With the MonMVC group, they are not seeing the most recent scores. With a new member of the DandDmvc group, his search was returning just two "DandDmvc| Title..." items from the search.
However, if they log in via the website, they can see all the scores in the group.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Kind regards,
Pete Alan
OS: Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 2.2.1, revision: 51b8386

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10 months ago

Songbook Users Now Unable to See Private Group Songs

Group members using Songbook to search under Discover for Group songs marked as "Private" are suddenly getting a screen showing "No result" (along with a "? Help" button that doesn't work.)
I uploaded a test file as a "member" of my Group and was able to search for it successfully in both Mac and iOS Songbook.
I made the file Private and shared it with my group.
When I logged in as a group member, I could find the test song my Mac MuseScore 2.1.0 but not my iOS Songbook.
Is this a new problem? Is it a temporary one?

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11 months ago

My scores on iPhone - please make useful filters

I bought the app thinking it would mimic my Musescore account on a browser but not even close.
I like the way the app displays my scores, but it is just a messy list of songs. No way to see sets or a way to see the list in alphabetical order. The songbook feature has useful filters, but I can't find a way to put my own scores in the songbook.

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a year ago