Biography [7] Phia_Jo

Jul 12, 2019

Don't let the world steal your happiness.
That's her byline, and Musescore users will agree that Sophia F (aka Phia_Jo) lives by it. A member since 2017, Phia_Jo currently has one score posted to her account, but her greater involvement lies in the community, as an active participant in RSA, The Debate Group, and over fifty other groups. Recently, Musescore News was pleased to interview her...

News: Let's start off by hearing something about you that most people might not know.
Phia:  I can absolutely not start a conversation. I’m pretty outgoing once I start talking to people but if I’m in a room with a bunch of strangers, I’ll probably hide in the corner.

News: Wow! Well, now that the conversation is started...You've been with us for two years, but looking back, what did you expect when you joined Musescore?
Phia: I originally joined just to find sheet music, I was ecstatic that there was a place that I could find my favorite scores easily (and for free :D)

News: Obviously, though, Musescore has had a different effect.
Phia: TOTALLY different! I didn't know anything about the community when I joined. And now I'm on Musescore several times a day... Musescore has really inspired me to work harder at my music. It has also brought me into a community that is very passionate about their music and has made me more passionate about mine.

News: Speaking of your music, do you have a favorite score? What are your goals in that area?
Phia: I only have one posted on Musescsore and it is AWFUL. But, I have one that I just composed and have not yet posted that I love. It’s called ‘Almost Like a Dream’ and it just gives me the feeling of being in between worlds. If I go forward with music I would really like to be a singer-songwriter. I’ve written a few songs and it is really something I love. And also, being a musical theater singer would be awesome too.

News: Very cool! On a lighter note, do you have any amusing or embarassing stories to share?
Phia: oof, probably last Christmas when a guy asked me out. I kinda just stood there with my mouth open for a second then I said “maybe” and ran. I had to email him later to say no, and every time I have seen him since then has been very awkward.

News: And to close, you've always been a positive, upbeat presence on Musescore. But we all have our days. How do you manage stress, and is music a part of that?
Phia: Sometimes I’ll sit at my piano and just play something really depressing, other times I’ll listen to some music or read a book.

This completed our interview with Phia_Jo, composer, vocalist, and pianist. Whether debating, hanging out in RSA, or concocting Musescore pranks with her "twins", she's made Musescore a happier place. Check out her profile here:
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