Need Help With Music.

Hello! I am doing a Band arrangement of super smash bros. brawls rendition of Underworld from Kid Icarus. i am a complete amateur with writing original sheet music. i need help with the percussion sections and with tidying up the notes.  if you are as so kind as to help out and i keep the change i will include your username in the description of the score and on the title page
The Music is here:                                                                                                    -  Thank You For Your Time 

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2 months ago


So, I feel like I am starting to run out of ideas, but I want someone to request me a song. I am sure it'll give me practice and I think this would be a method. Keep in mind, I won't do Nintendo songs of the most popular franchises (Pokemon, LoZ, Mario, Kirby, etc.). I wanna do stuff like the "Meteos" songs I did. I hope y'all have some interesting requests! ^_^

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2 years ago