Random Thoughts

Please comment!!!!! And share your random thoughts!!!
This has absolutely nothing to do with music or musescore. It's just for fun

What if we were only placed in this world today and all our memories are fake and pre-programmed into our minds by some alien that's currently watching us?

Everything that occurs was always certain. Like if you flipped a coin it was already certain it was gonna be heads/tails and you just didn't know which one. Everything that's gonna happen will happen. But what if someone time travels back in time? It's certain that that will happen, but then everything that was once "certain" has been changed. So is everything "certain" or not??????????

Or maybe we live in a parallel universe. But that doesn't make as much sense.

Time flow is probably just really fast stop motion. Like we can reverse the flow of time, can't we????

How can people not have synesthesia??????? Like I look at a string of numbers and all the colours are there that I can't unsee. This is just a random thought since I've never not had synesthesia, so I've never looked at a string of numbers in black and white and not had any colour associations

Would you rather be blind or deaf?

Would you rather be too hot or too cold?

Would you rather know when you'll die or how you'll die?

Personally, I think I'm smarter than average. But stupid people tend to think that they're geniuses, and smart people tend to underestimate their intelligence. So then I must be a bit dim-witted to think so highly of myself. But wait...

a year ago

Hey guys!!

Alrighty! My new group is ready to go! Please introduce yourself and what type (or types) of synesthesia you have. If you wanna share some of the colours you perceive, feel free to do so. :D

a year ago


It’s ya boi musix and i would love to join you guys,and thanks to the amazing Rebecca Y i found this group(if you want me to leave then just say so)
Much thanks to Rebbecca Y tho 😊

a month ago

The likenesses between instruments and flavors

I don't believe that this is synthesia but it is similar.
The oboe sounds tart like a lemon in the very bottom, then like a line higher up, then like and orange. The flute is pure, sweet, and nearly flavorless like sugar. It easily dissolves into heavy brass like sugar into chocolate. The bassoon is like a grapefruit down low but gradually changes into a clementine as it gets higher. The strings are like salted flour in that the can be used for nearly anything.
More to come.

Is this a thing?

I've jumped back and forth between thinking it's a form of synesthesia to it isn't more times than I care to count, so I thought I'd ask all of you. In my profile on musescore I say I visualize words. And then when I introduced myself in this group I said I felt them. Both are true, and I can't really explain either of them, but I'll try. When I read a word, I both see and feel something. As I've explained to my friends, it's like watching a movie starring geometric shapes, because I always visualize the words as cylinders, or rectangular prisms, or spheres. And then I feel something actually physical. It's strongest with names. One person I know, his name makes me feel like I've been pushed. Another name induces seasickness.

It's weird. I'm not too sure about the seeing being a type of synesthesia, but when I feel stuff, is that visual-tactile? Just checking if anyone else experiences this.

11 months ago

The Truth

C = A dark shade of blue (almost royal)
E=Bright yellow/green color. Almost like neon green.
F=Ugly, rusty shade of orange
G=Beautiful purple color (Unless it is G# which is the color of those light colored purple holiday m&ms.
B=Light shade of blue

if you disagree with me I will disagree with you.

9 months ago

Here's a Special One

I sing in a church choir (Not that I am religious, that's just where the good music is) and one of our favorite pieces to sing is Seek Him That Maketh the Seven Stars by Jonathan Dove. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5gPFWd7YI0 
It is an incredible piece of music, illustrated by the fact that my color for it is...
wait for it...

BLUE-ISH GRAY-ISH GREEN-ISH PINK-ISH PURPLE-ISH RED-ISH OTHER GREEN-ISH YELLOW-ISH WHITE-ISH!!! Absolutely serious. Colors don't mix in music, but they kind of sit on top of each other in my head. This piece has 8 layers at least, and the yellow is LITERALLY THE SUN.

10 months ago

colours for school subjects

So ya...anyone have colours associated with school subjects? Like I just realized I've always attached physics and chemistry with green even though none of the letters in physics or chemistry are green...
Actually all science-y things are green
Social studies is yellow
Psychology is red
French is blue
Math is also yellow
English is kinda blue

a year ago

Some Questions

Hi! So, I was just wondering if anyone else does this. Well, a few things. I don’t know if it’s just me, or a thing other people do. First off, I associate things with every word, letter, number, shape, et cetera. I can’t think of anything that doesn’t have a color or shape or number. I also associate colors shapes, and movement with music, but that’s more complicated. It changes when I know the notes and chords verses just hearing it, when I know the name, when I know what it’s supposed to be about. Sounds themselves can have colors, even if they are not part of a song. There’s nothing with smell, taste, or texture though. And nothing, ever, is black, white, or grey. Things can be really dark or light or faded, but never black, white, or grey. Is this true for anyone else? Also, it’s not just words and numbers and letters that have colors, numbers, and shapes. People’s faces do. Now this is kinda weird, and I only noticed it within the last year. It’s sometimes the same color as their names, but not always, and that can be confusing for remembering. I’m pretty sure I’ve always done it, because I know I’ve thought that people’s names were “wrong” before, without knowing why. I’m pretty sure it’s because they are not the same colors as their faces. For example, my sister’s face is yellow, pink, 3, 4, 2, flower, stub, petal, and hi, but her name is yellow and purple and i and a. Does that make sense? Prob’ly not. But if you also do these weird things, I’d like to know. Thanks. :)

11 months ago

Early Childhood Memories

Hey guys, so I heard that synesthetes have better memories (hooray for us :D). So we have an advantage when it comes to memorizing facts and stuff for a test. But does that include early childhood memories? I remember stuff from when I was a year old in vivid detail. I remember learning my colours for the first time, lying in my crib drinking milk from a bottle, learning 1+1, learning how to count, addressing the fact that I had a memory, and addressing the fact that I BREATHED (and a lot more stuff but I can't list them all here). Not surprisingly, I have a reputation among my friends as "the person who remembers everything". I've asked one other person with synesthesia if she had early childhood memories like I did and she said yes. But that was only one person. So I'm curious if you guys do it too :D
Comment below and maybe share some of your memories (I know little kids do stupid things). For example, I LOVED eating baby milk powder. Honestly it was delicious by itself and was almost tasteless with the water mixed in. But of course nobody let me eat the powder so I had to sneak it in that split second they had their back turned toward me and the open container of milk powder (since I didn't know where they put it when they weren't preparing my milk).

a year ago

Anyone else wanna talk about synesthesia... :P

Here's some points...

- A Mango Shaped Space is a little overly cheesy...synesthesia doesn't take over your life.
- If anyone wants to talk about the benefit of synesthesia on learning, go ahead...I'm researching that for my Extended Essay for my IB Diploma
- Are you an associator or a projector?

a year ago

How do you explain synesthesia to non-synesthetes?

so just today I tried explaining what synesthesia was like to my friends, and....well, it was kinda confusing for them. Actually everyone I've tried explaining synesthesia to has been confused lol.

So fyi, I have grapheme-colour synesthesia (higher, projected), and music has colours, textures, shapes, and place (high, low, left, right, etc.) relative to the other bits of the music (but this is mostly in my head and not projected...I think). General sounds (kinda...?) have textures but it's BARELY noticeable. But whatever. Let's just focus on the first one for now.

So anyways from my experience I'd describe grapheme-colour synesthesia as seeing a letter/number with a colour but also being able to see that it's printed in black. Which is pretty straightforward for those of you with the same type of synesthesia as me. But it's kinda weird explaining it since I see black and the colours at the same time sort of... I don't switch between seeing colours and seeing black (or else white letters such as 'i' would be flashing lol). So that's the confusing part. Like no one gets it. So, uh, any better explanations...?

I guess associated synesthesia would be a lot easier to explain but I have projected......

And just so you know: associated synesthesia is when you see everything in your mind's eye (so you'd see black letters on the page but have colours in your head I think) and projected synesthesia is when you literally see the letters on the page printed in colour

a year ago

Your Rainbow Theme

So I've composed this piece inspired by my synesthesia called "Rainbow". In it, I've included a theme that creates a rainbow in my head. The notes of this theme are G (red), F, (orange), A (yellow), D (green), and E (blue).

I'd love to hear what your rainbow theme sounds like!!! If you compose a piece using it (which I really encourage you to do), please tag it #SynesthesiaRainbow so we can all see your rainbow themes by clicking on the tag.

But anyways, share your rainbow theme in the comments!!!

a year ago

Colours for words?

Hey guys, please add your thoughts (and experiences)!!!
Just curious about your perceptions

So for words, do you actually see all the colours for every letter? For me, there are "stronger" letters and "weaker" letters. For example, the letter U is a very strong letter. If a word has the letter U in it, I will see its colour for sure. However, letters such as H or Z aren't so strong and their colours are only obvious when very few or no strong letters are present. I know some people base the colour of a word on the first letter or they all the colours all the time. So how do you see words?

Also, what about words like "yellow" or "black"? They describe colours, but for me, the word "black" has no black in it whatsoever. But when someone says "black" to me, I still think of the colour black. Even with concrete nouns, I see the colours of the thing rather than the colours of the letters. For example, one time someone asked me what colour "banana" was. I thought of yellow (because bananas are yellow) but when I look at the word "banana", it has no yellow at all.

a year ago

Losing my synesthesia

I will have to leave this group soon as I am noticeably losing my synesthesia. The colours, sounds, personalities etc are not as vibrant as they used to be and new things do not stimulate stuff in my brain. Soon I think it will be gone, and I think the only reasons I see these colours and such is because I remember them from my associations from before and are therefore more faint. I do not know what is affecting this, possibly depression. But I'm so sad because it was so interesting to have this amazing gift and it will soon be gone. I am also slightly forgetting what synesthesia is/was like.

a year ago

shapes for sounds?

sooooo...I dunno if this is a synesthetic thing...are there supposed to be, like textures (not exactly but I dunno how else to describe it) or some sort of visual aspect to sounds (in general)??? I don't see colours for general sounds, and the shape/texture thing is barely noticeable. I get how colours for things isn't something everyone has, but I feel like everyone should have the thing I'm trying to describe (if you know what I'm trying to say).

a year ago

All Mixed Up

So I've been thinking about my associations with different things, you know letters, numbers, days of the week etc, and it might be that, say, I associate a number with a letter and a letter with a day of the week and that to a colour and everything else. So when I think of a particular one of these things, so many others come flooding to my mind that I forget what the original thing was. This is particularly annoying when I'm trying to talk about something from memory and I can't remember what the thing is becaus it comes with so many others. Not sure if I've explained myself properly, but if you do understand then does it happen to you ever?

a year ago

About convert midi file

Hey guys, i just encounter some trouble. I have mp4 file, this is synthesia song. When I converted to midi and listen it. I heard some noise, how to fix it guys ?

a year ago

Flute Piece

I've just added a short flute piece that feels very light green + red. I'd love to know your thoughts (and colors) for this. Thanks!

a year ago