Splatfest Army?

Do you like Splatoon 2?
Are you gonna be Team Ketchup?
Do you want reliable teammates?
Then I have the offer for you! I am trying to organize a team of Musescorians to teach those mayo-lovers a lesson! I need 3 people to join me and I'll make a discord channel once enough people are interested, so please consider! And even after Splatfest is over, we can just mess around and keep playing on our own!
So please, PLEASE consider joining. Thanks!

PS Fun fact I am not actually Russian. Just thought I'd mention that.

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10 months ago

Set up a Splat Sesh here!

If you want to get a Squad Battle going, have a Private Match, or just mess around in a regular Turf War, this is the discussion to let your fellow Squids know. To let them know what time you're doing this, just type in the mode you want to do, the date and time you will start and how many Squids you are looking for. Make sure that when you enter the time, you include your time zone as 5:00pm is at a different time in California than it is in, say, Tennessee. It would probably be best if the person who posted a Splat Sesh notice deletes it after the Splat Sesh is over so that no one will get confused. Here is an example on how you would schedule a Splat Sesh:

"Who's ready for a Squad Battle?
Date: October 12th, 2015
Time: 12:00pm CST (Central Standard Time)
Squids: 3"
(add if you want a specific player to join)
(Insert added comment)

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2 years ago