"Flying with Chewie" - John Powell |Week 40| Soundtrack


Here is my new all-time favorite track. It is from Solo: A Star Wars Story. I absolutely love how John Powell put his own style into the soundtrack. It definitely comes out in this particular track! He also did such and amazing job writing in the style of John Williams as well.Β 

What do you all think of this track? Also, what did you think of the movie if you've seen it yet? I thought it was one of the best Star Wars movies out there!! It doesn't beat The Last Jedi, though... :D Β Β 


I forgot to mention that I fell in love with this track right at 1:29...it sounds very classical and I nearly cried out of pure happiness :')
Love, love, love, love, love the track. Pure awesomeness!! I wasn't a huge fan of the movie. Honestly, I wasn't super impressed with TLJ, either. My two favorite SW movies would have to be Rogue One, and Return of the Jedi.
Yes, me too!! Whaaaaaaat? How can you not like Solo and TLJ? They were so well made and had great plot twists and cliffhangers that are keeping people (especially me!) hooked to the series. Roque One wasn't too exciting because there weren't very many plot twists...it was kind of predictable and is a standalone film. Michael Giacchino did great on the soundtrack, though! :D Β 
Β  (Argh! I missed this cause my dash is kinda messed up, especially on my computer).
Obviously my personal opinion here, but I didn't think that either were particularly great SW movies. They were good movies, just not great when compared to the original trilogy (4,5,6). (Hope that makes sense). I thought TLJ was okay, but there were quite a few liberties taken (what Leia was able to do with her force powers) , and just some plot points that I wasn't crazy about (Snoke being defeated so easily). For the rest of the film, it kinda felt like a revamped version of Empire (battle on snowy moon, Jedi training on isolated planet, etc.). The whole film was very predictable, imo. Solo felt very predictable as well. It seemed like the film directors were just checking boxes:
Han meets Chewie........check
Han meets Lando...........check
Han sets a record on the Kessel run.........check
Han gets Millenium Falcon.........check
And let's throw in a totally messed up romance and put Darth Maul in there (cause everyone's favorite film is The Phantom Menace, right?) while we're at it, what do you think?

To me, it just feels like Disney is valuing quantity over quality. I like Rogue One because I felt like it was the recent SW film that most aligned with something George Lucas would have written (and for other reasons, too. :D). Anyway, everyone has different opinions, I just wasn't a huge fan of those films ( they weren't as bad as Force Awakens, though. I really didn't care for that one).
(That was long, sorry. I also apologize for typos. I'm on my phone cause MS isn't working on my computer (details in my improving musescore discussion)).
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