The big announcements !!!

May 7, 2015

So as I hope most of you know, the history of this group is important. We started in 2014 I believe, with me and eleven, who with Veblen were my mentors, and we have started this group to search for those who are amazing writers, I have asked all of you, or added, or reviewed and accepted some of your applications, and I'd like you to go check what we have built, a group of the best on musescore, and We still search, and though we have failed on some parts to add members such as black techno, there are no hard feelings between us, you see, musescore is a social media, and we don't hate on music here, and with that I leave you with another update, staff, I already stated the application center, another thing, advertisement, ugothacked just opened up a group, I don't wish, just don't spam, please!!! Another thing, this is the main part, requests, my story center. Thanks guys!!!


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