Welcome New Members!

This comment section is for us to get to know each other, so, post a few things about yourself, brag about your music life (a little, don't make others cry, please...), and basically, become our friends.

I'll start. Although my Username is Susie Curlycue, my real name is Joshua Peterson. I live in Manti, Utah, and am 16. I have nine other family members, two older sisters, two younger sisters, three younger brothers, and obviously, my mom and dad. I play Trombone, (bass trombone), Trumpet, French Horn, Mellophone, Piano, and am learning Flute right now. I have written my own oratorio (if you don't know what it is look it up), and other things. And I'm a Mormon.

3 years ago

The Name of the Church

So with all of the amazing announcements in the last few conferences, does the name of this group need to change? Also, what was your favorite part of conference? Mine was the Argentina woman who talked about her primary teacher and chocolate cake.

5 months ago

What is your guy's favorite temple/temples?

It can be the temple you live nearest to, the one you think is the most beautiful, the one you admire the most, or anything.

I know so many temples that I can not choose my favorite, so I will give a few that you can look up on ldschurchtemples.com if you want to see them. Manti, Utah (where I live), Brigham City, Utah, Cochabamba, Bolivia, and so many others, but those are some my favorites that I have connections to.

Please comment soon!

3 years ago

Sorry for the Delay + Uplifting Comments

I haven’t been able to get on for a long time. When I got on today I noticed A whole banana bunch of requests to join! It literally make my day to see all of them! I hope we can all get along and be just as happy as I was when I saw that! Don’t ever be afraid to post uplifting comments, quotes, and random things about music or otherwise that will make someone’s day! Post any you have in this discussion. Thank you all so much again!!!

a year ago