Electro and Techno

I honestly don't see why this has never been brought up.

Electro music is not bad. Neither is techno.

There are many different ways of doing techno and electro, like dubstep, remixing, and many others. Not to mention the amount of synths there are. There is quite a lot of variety.

So why is it hated?

I want to see your reasons for hating techno/electro. I personally love it and listen to Nitro Fun, Noisestorm, Chipzel, Bossfight, and Sabrepulse quite often.

(Please don't hate on me for liking this stuff.)

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2 months ago

Here is every reason modern pop is so terrible plz dont get triggered lol bye

First heres some context.
In 1650 Baroque came to be. It had heavy emphasis on harmony and introduced some new instrtuments including various baroque versions of todays common instrument and the viola da gamba, Then came the classical era in 1700. Here the piano was invented and everyone was so shocked the composed lots of music including Beethoven and Mozart. More instruments were added and music became louder and more dramatic. in 1800 the romantic era began and the orchestra almost had all its members. Music became loud, dramatic and expressive and composers included Dvorak, Tchaikovsky, Wagner, Listz, Brahms, Verdi, Chopin, Berloz, Mahler, Saint-Saëns, Sibelius, Strauss, Offenbach, Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov and oh wait too many names, Then in 1900 came modern era. At first music was still good. African Americans, who had recently been freed from slavery started jazz. In 1970 there came rock music. slightly less variety but still fine. in 1990 came pop, and pop was okay. But then in 2014 or something pop started to really suck and heres why.

1 Exposure effect
Off the top of your head think of a pop song and think of the first time you heard it. Oh yeah you probably dont remember which is part of the effect. Whether or not you like it you probably hated it at first. But its popular so it plays all the time so then eventually you like it.

2 Chord Progressions
Yes the most obvious reason, most pop songs have the same progressions. This doesnt need much explanation.

3 Chord resolution of course if you listen to the chord progressions the forth chord is always the resolution. In classical, pieces resolution is typically at the end. So people dont want to listen to the piece for a long time to wait for the resolution. They have very short attention spans and they want it now. So when there is resolution only at the end it is more rewarding but people dont like that.

4 Lyrics

5 Melodies
so apparently the average pop melodies have 5 notes. Thats not a lot obvously, in fact Taylor Swift is famous for her one note melodies, which is kinda sad, and when you have garbage lyrics on top of them its one of those moments you just are just so puzzled

6 Others
They have lots of other tricks toooooo you know
Yeah autotune. If you dont know the computer can change the note youre singing so it doesnt really matter how good you are
Also sound Equalization. If you take away all the effects on a pop song you will notice the guitar is probably louder than the drums, and that is bad apparently. Did you know that the majority of pop song are written by one person? Apparently. And its very important noone finds out i guess because hes been interviewed about 6 times.

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11 months ago

My Rant on Modern Society

As you probably know if you are young, today, most young people don't like music because they actually like it.  They only like things made in the year they are currently living in.  Once it's a new year, everything that they listened to before is now "It's sOoOO last year.  It's trash."  Well, it is trash.  So is the stuff they are listening to right now.  The same three notes throughout the entire song, the extreme use of auto tune, and the fact that nobody bothers to actually play any real music in the background.  It is COMPLETELY computerized.  Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber (UGH don't ever mention HIM. EVER) and all those others out there probably can't even sing a single right note.  It's time REAL music, not rap, and REAL talent should be recognized.  Also, teens like me are being controlled by celebrities and businesses, and are so influenced that they are now robots that do everything the media says.  They don't even know who they really are anymore.  Everyone who meets me likes me.  Why?  Because I am MYSELF.  I do what is RIGHT and what I want, not what other people want me to do.  Why do people think I'm pretty?  Because I am my natural self.  I don't wear makeup, I don't try to make myself look more curvy or skinnier.  Why am I always in a good mood?  Because I DON'T CARE what other people think of my opinions or how I look enough to stress me out and make me depressed.  People RESPECT me and my opinions because secretly, they are jealous of how free I am from the magnetic pull of everything.  I am an optimist, always making the best out of any situation.  I make people laugh.  So, what is the cure for depression?  Be yourself, not what the world thinks you should be.

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9 months ago

my friend, on TOP

so me and my friend were talking about how TOP is weird and stuff, and i said, "yeah they say they have no genre but they are POP because they are POPular." and my friend replies, "lol i thought their genre was screaming and ukulele".
just thought i'd share with you guys.

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a year ago

The TMR Contest Redo

So seeing as the first TMR contest was deleted, I figured I will start a new one.

The rules are the same as last time, with a few changes:

1. You must arrange a pop song so that way it is better. This time, you only need to do AT LEAST ONE. You can do anything (such as adding/changing instruments, mashing it up, etc.), but the original theme(s) must be recognizable.
2. Once you have finished and posted your arrangement, submit it in the comments below with a link to your score, and indicate in your score's title or description that you have submitted this score for this contest.
3. I also included several separate categories which you can win in. They are:

Most Jazzy: The best jazz remix
Most Crazy: The craziest remix
Most Harmonically Complex: The most complex harmonies around
Most Creative: The most creative remix
Most Epic: The most epic remix
Most Funny: The funniest remix
Most References: The most references to other pieces of music

And the granddaddy of them all:


This is awarded for the best overall piece.

I also included placings in ALL categories, which means some people will get 1st or 2nd or 3rd place.

The deadline for submissions will be February 16, 2018.

Now that I've explained the new rules, I wish luck to all of the competitors! Let's hope we see the finest remixers around!

(If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, just tell me in the comments below)

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a year ago

Opinions on Classical Music

Hello everyone! I started playing cello 5 years ago and because cellists usually play classical music, it's got me hooked to classical music. It can be so soothing and relaxing but also intensive and expressive.
Many people I know dismisses it as boring or "sleepy" though.
What are your opinions? Do you like it, and if so, do you listen to it?
Thanks for reading :)

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a year ago

TMR contest deleted

There were supposed to be 5 days left of that contest but no one has entered. The contest is deleted as there was been close to no interest for it. I know people are busy and such, but this group has grown quite a lot and there should be some interest. Thank you.

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a year ago

Brand New Competition on my Group! Join us for Season Two

Hello members, sorry to bother y'all but I am hosting a brand new type of competition in my group, and I'd love it if I could get more people to compete. Since the group had become inactive since Season One after I took my 7-month break, I'd love to recruit new people who are currently active on MuseScore.

To find out more details click the link: https://musescore.com/groups/modern-competitions-group/discuss/4836922

I hope some you will consider this. It's really easy to enter, and it's for both Composers and Arrangers alike. Thanks for hearing me out, and I hope to see some entries from you guys.

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a year ago

T'es ma femme, t'es la plus belle sheet music

So during French class, my classmates and I were listening to French pop songs, because we'll be doing a "lip-dub", or lip-synch at the end of the year. There was this one song, called "T'es ma femme, t'es la plus belle" which was written by this guy named Étienne Drapeau. Since there was already a piano part, the teacher wanted me to play the piano part, since that would look cool if we ever do this song. Anyways, I looked ALL over the Internet, and I couldn't find any sheet music, just a bunch of chords. We might not do this song, but still, does any one have a solution to this problem? Anyone?

And here's the music video:

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a year ago

TMR Contest.

So I thought It'd be a good idea to have a contest in this group! So... Here's my challenge... And it's an arranging one! Find 2 pop songs you really really hate, and make them amazing! They have to be in the same score, so this can be a mash up or a medley. You can improve them by adding extra instruments, or turn them into a different genre...anything you want to do! But the main theme must be recognisable. Good luck! Please include TMR in the title, post it to the group and then post a link to it down below.

Once we have some entries I will set a deadline.

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a year ago

Musescore Composing Contests HQ

Love composing? Join the MCCHQ group for the chance to participate in many composing contests of all different themes! Upcoming contests include:

#4-Transcribe a sound
Write a score that depicts a sound, like human talking, bird song...anything!

#5-Your favourite book theme
Create a theme or medley of themes for your favourite book or series (that hasn't been
turned into a film or tv series)

#6-Free reign
This is your chance to do whatever you want! Compose anything, for anyone! You can
submit existing pieces too.

...With many more to come!

So join the club and get composing!

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a year ago

The funniest thing ever

Hey guys. I'm bored.
So just about a minute ago my brother and I walked into my room. He asked me why I had the radio on. Turns out it wasn't the radio- it was some random guy outside mowing his lawn or something. POP MUSIC IS SO BAD THAT SOMEONE MOWING HIS LAWN CAN BE MISTAKEN FOR IT

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a year ago


I TOTALLY agree with your"ABOUT THIS GROUP"mostly because i'm a classical cellist,pianist,and almost all of my singing is classical.my name is @SophieFakeley.

please comment and tell me who your role model(s) are

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a year ago

another rant- lgbt in music

OK, so have you guys heard of the thing?
Someone (i dont remember who) said Ariana Grande was the gay icon of the decade blah blah..
and im like HOLD the PHONE what??
There are so many actually lgbt artists and you DONT CHOOSE ONE OF THEM?
It's like saying Yo Yo Ma is the next David Bowie. Or, I don't know, Andrew Hussie is the next Gordon Ramsay.
First of all, um? Do they remember the song 'Same Love' and how it was popular? Well? What? About? The Girl? Who? Sang? THAT?
It's already underrepresented and you throw THIS crap in our faces?
Pls honey like what were you thinking??
your thoughts?

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a year ago

New group

So it seems to me that everyone here just HATE modern pop (unless I'm mistaken). While I was lying in bed one night, I thought "What if I created a group where people can post their arrangements of modern pop songs, but these pop songs are somehow 'fixed'"? So that's why I decided to create this group. It's called "Make Pop Great Again!", and it's essentially where you can post your arrangements of modern popular songs, and "fix" them.

The official group is here:

Anyone can join.

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a year ago

The State of Dubstep

"Dubstep Died in 2008/2012" Is something I hear a lot all over the internet, and a bit in real life. Honestly, it hasn't. However, the quality has declined. For instance, look at the dubstep playlist on Monstercat. The current, most recent songs all share the same sounds, with possibly varied rhythms and stuff, but SUUUPER GENERIC SOUNDING. I used to love these guys called Pegboard Nerds (The dudes behind Razor Sharp, the most popular song ever on Monstercat ), but now their music is just... trite, I guess. Now scroll down to songs from like 2015 and back. One that I like to point out that shows the talent in real Dubstep production is Ison by Au5 and Fractal (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76BtNfRbEsY). I can't explain to people who've never used Ableton or any proper DAW (MUSESCORE IS NOT A DAW PROGRAM FOR GODS SAKES), the amount of skill you need to program the synths to do what they do in Ison is insane. Even just to get the super punchy kick, it takes an Equalizer on the kick that adds a bit of bass to it, then you sidechain the kick through a compressor on ALL of the bass lines including the sub and the growl.

If you understood what I just said/how it works, you have a right to criticize me. Otherwise, download a DAW (Reaper is free and shareware, Most other DAWs have sample versions) and mess around with it. PS. I started writing music in Garageband, a DAW software that (in previous versions) actually is pretty similar to other DAWs, but still easy to use.

Back to modern stuff though. This is the most recent song in the "Dubstep" playlist:
I will give the artist, Savoy, credit, as he was originally a Future Bass artist, but still. This is in the generic category. 4 note arpeggio over a repeated, simple bass rhythm with light drums. This is NOT Dubstep. It sounds more like Future Bass (A lighter, happier, more Japanese for some reason sub-genre of Trap) than Dubstep.

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a year ago

Lyrics vs Music

So right now, most pop songs have crappy lyrics and music. If you were given the choice to either change the lyrics of all pop songs to make them beautiful and inspiring or change the music to actually make it good, which one would you choose?

My first thought was to change the music but it would be kinda tacky to have beautiful music with such bad lyrics. So right now I can't really decide...

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a year ago

Favorite Not Pop Music?

I have to ask, does anyone else like browsing for really unknown artists and just listening to interesting music for hours?

Currently, one of my favorite bands is Thank You Scientist, who use jazz chords, along with trumpet, saxophone, and violin, in a prog rock band (Bluecoats used Psychopomp as their opener this year, but the original is GREAT)

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a year ago

Favourite pop songs?

Alright, so we've been ranting about pop for a while now. In fact, I've been ranting about pop on musescore for months (before this group even existed). Sooo...despite most pop songs being downright cringey, there are SOME good pop songs out there. So what are your favourite pop songs? Mine include:
-Faded by Alan Walker
-Fireworks by Katy Perry
-Rise up by Andra Day
-Titanic by Celine Dion (is this even pop)
-Best Day of My Life by American Authors
-a lot of songs by Taylor swift (not her latest one or the one she did with Zayn)
I did really like 7 Years by Lukas Graham until they overplayed it on the radio.
My favourite ones change a lot depending on my mood.
I don't hate pop as an entire genre; I used to really like pop music. But when almost every pop song that comes out these days is utter crap, it's REALLY hard to say I still like pop.
And then another discussion turns into a rant... :P

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a year ago

There is no objective good

A lot of people put up discussions about how bad pop music is, and I think those people are missing the point of this group. In music, there is no objective good. Wether it sounds good or not is completely up to the listener. The point of this group – to my knowledge, at least – is to talk to and interact with those of similar taste, so that we may find music that we like through others and understand that some may like music that we don't. Everything has its own purpose. Pop is meant to appeal to the masses, meant to be as simple and understandable as possible, because – as I've mentioned before – you'd be very lucky if a third of your audience even had a decent education. I'm not saying you should like everything. I'm just saying that you should understand something before you hate on it.

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a year ago

Why I'm Leaving This Group (Please Read WITH AN OPEN MIND)

Now, you don't have to watch this video, but I implore you to. Musical growth/genre evolution never, NEVER comes from dismissing genres altogether. This includes pop. As SamuraiGuitarist states in that video "pop music can teach us the craft of hooking in a listener and keeping their attention for two to three minutes and trust me, there is skill in that art". And it's true. A lot of Musescorers who write off pop, I listen to their songs, and I get bored. Not all of them, but still. Meanwhile, those with TRUE musically diverse taste actually have songs that grab my attention (for example, my friend Ryan Meredith, who won [twice] the Delaware statewide composition contest. One of his favorite artists is TØP. And yes, I know I ranted on them a little while ago, but I've decided to change, and I never really HATED their music).

People said the same things about rock and roll that we're saying about pop right now. We're just repeating the cycle. So what's the point of a "REVOLUTION" if you really aren't doing anything to help musical evolution?

Hopefully, you actually rethink your decision to join this group. Goodnight, and goodbye.

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a year ago