Âllo, pourriez vous m´aider avec la batterie?

C´est la chanson de France Gall "Der Computer No 3"

C´est quelquechose comme un rythme disco ... mais quand je l´ecris dans musescore ce n´est pas bon et loin de l´original.


Hello, could someone please help me with the drums?

It´s the song "Der Computer No 3"

I think it´s some kind of disco beat with "fill ins" but if I write down the things I hear it sounds pretty weird and doen´t grove at all.

Perhaps someone has an advice or could tell me " well mate this rythm is called xy and is usually played like this.... "


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3 years ago

I'm taking requests again after a lengthy absence.

I'm not sure if any of you guys really remember me anymore. I started this a while ago and I started getting really overwhelmed with life and just quit the site altogether. However, I'm back and I'm ready to start adding some more percussion parts. I have no idea if anyone will get an email about this or anything but here we are.

If anyone would like a drum part to be added or improved upon please link the score and give me a brief description of what parts you want and/or what you have in mind!

Also if I added a part to your song, I'd love it if you added the song to the group.

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4 years ago