Please critique--piano solo. (two movements of a suite)

These will be the second and third movements of a suite containing five or six movements. The first, fourth, and fifth have all been started but not completed.

I'm aware that the MIDI file could be improved. Didn't worry about the interpretation much as whoever performs it will take care of that... only notated the really essential and non-obvious things. 

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a month ago

Looking for Composers!

Hello fellow creators!

Everyone I see on here have some mad talent!

I'm a YouTuber with 17,000+ Subscribers and think I could help you out with some exposure as a fellow creator. I create weekly Singing Covers on my channel.

I need instrumentals/backings for new songs that come out and your composing could really fit well.

I'll of course credit and promote you in each video you help out with.

Let me know if you're interested.


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3 months ago