Looking for Composers!

Hello fellow creators!

Everyone I see on here have some mad talent!

I'm a YouTuber with 17,000+ Subscribers and think I could help you out with some exposure as a fellow creator. I create weekly Singing Covers on my channel.

I need instrumentals/backings for new songs that come out and your composing could really fit well.

I'll of course credit and promote you in each video you help out with.

Let me know if you're interested.


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a month ago


I am running out of music to make lol. Anyone have any ideas of scores to compose. For example a symphony or a boss battle (both things I have done). The first 3 ideas will be made into sheet music!

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5 months ago

A few questions about a jazz song I started today

This is probably gonna be way too long...
Here's the piece I'm talking about, it's in concert pitch just for the sake of simplicity.

1.) Chords
I got started on it by actually making stuff up on trumpet rather than sitting at a computer like I usually do, so I didn't really have a chord progression in mind when making it. I think I did an Ok job (yeah right) of making one for the first part (The Cm7-Edim-FM7-Em7, Cm7-Edim-EbM7-Dm7 one), but I'm lost after that. There are parts that don't seem like they could go with any chord, and I'm still a bit of a rookie to writing music so I'm not sure what I should make the chords to those parts. My bigger problem with the second part is that I don't want it to just be a bunch of random chords with no sense of direction. There needs to be a progression, right? But it doesn't seem like the melody I wrote is following one. Any help on that front would be MUCH appreciated.

2.) What do I do with this piano?!
I know that the piano should be doing something other than just playing whole note chords the whole time the trumpet is playing, but I can't figure out what it is for the life of me. If I try to make things different in the piano, it doesn't seem to blend well with the trumpet. If I just have whole note chords, the piano part is boring, and also sort of interrupts the trumpet during ties over barlines. I didn't have all that much time to experiment with this today, so I just put it all as whole notes temporarily.

3.) Harmon
When I was first coming up with the melody, I was playing with a harmon mute. Obviously a real instrument will always sound better than a simulated one, *cough* musescore trombone soundfont *cough* but I think that the sound of the musescore version would be a lot better with a muted trumpet rather than an open one. So, if anyone knows if there is a trumpet w/ harmon mute soundfont on musescore, please let me know.

Alright, thanks in advance!

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5 months ago

Arranging a song “Zhavoronok”, aka the Skylark.

I’m not done with it yet... but constructive criticism would be much appreciated! Please listen to the original before listening to mine: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cxlf-ZmE8JI
This one is mine: https://musescore.com/user/27166815/scores/4850249
It says 2018 because I plan to be done with it by then. Thank you. I’m also hoping to get this published by a real publisher one day, so if you contact me at rednotewriter@icloud.com, you could help me out and you may be credited. This is the first major arrangement that I’ve ever done. I plan to be arranging more in the future (composing is absolutely not my thing!) Again, thank you!

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6 months ago