Come hear how hard I've been working!

Hey everyone. I hate to promote myself so shamelessly, but I've been working pretty hard lately on some of this stuff. Have a listen if you have a minute, I guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised! -- This one is a three-movement piano solo I wrote between September and December of 2013. -- I suppose you could consider this one to be a tiny piano concerto (only 6 instruments, including the piano, and only 4:16 long). This one's a lot of fun! -- Here we have my newest work-in-progress. This is the first time I'm writing for an orchestra. The piece will be performed on March 16th at Bennington College, and I'm extremely excited to hear how it really sounds!

And, if you like what you hear, feel free to poke around my page!

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5 years ago

My Blog, My Money part 1

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6 years ago

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Abel Abraham

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