What do you guys think about Cappy?

Nov 11, 2018

one of nintendos strangest ideas was to make a hat talk! i mean, really? ...


he's weird and annoying. really. my honest opinion is that putting him in super mario odyssey was a mistake!
@SplatterGirl8000 He grew on me quite a bit actually. Well, I guess he's not just a random hat that lives, but theres a whole kingdom of them. At first when I saw the trailer I thought it was weird. But after seeing a whole civilization of them, along with all the other civilizations, I grew to like it a lot. I mean, Tosterina has skeletons that are NOT evil! XD That's pretty weird lol
@Jaybird1 same, I thought it was TOTALLY BAZARRE
@SplatterGirl8000 well, actually, i take that back. i do think hes weird and annoying but i guess that odyssey would be really weird without him
I think it was a smart idea on Nintendo's part... I mean, take one of the most iconic clothing props in video game history and make it alive? Good publicity, if you think about it...

As the character though? Eh, I like him about as much as that fairy "friend" in just about every Zelda game.


@SplatterGirl8000 One Of the most iconic characters in the Zelda franchise. Or more publicly known as “The fairy that goes HEY LISTEN”
@LegendIan First impressesions Of Navi, your like “haha that’s funny. “Hey listen!” Cute idea.”
And then eventually your like,
I didn't like the game, but I think Cappy was a pretty cool idea for a character.
First of all: He's Not a hat. He's A Bonneter. Second of All: He's Not a hat. He's A Bonneter. Third of all: He's Not a hat. He's A Bonneter. And Last of all: He's. Not. A. Hat. He's. A. Bonneter. Lol.
My dad doesn't Trust him.
He's an interesting addon to the Mario franchise...
The only thing that bothered me was seeing his hat rip to shreds in the beginning. I was like "........................ WHAT!" I think Cappy's fine, at least his eyes aren't out all the time so that you can't see the "M". That's a plus. 
@LegendIan Same! I was like, is Mario dead? XD
I think that when I first played about a year ago, I actually cried at the beginning! Marios beloved, renowned 33-year-old hat, destroyed.🥺😢😓😥😭😱😳🤯👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
happy could never play the part of Marios hat
@SplatterGirl8000 Haha! It's all good. I know! That part was pretty crazy.

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