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β€’ Jan 9, 2019

I just gotta ask, who else mains Yoshi?


@Jaybird1 I main Yoshi, so what? Yoshi's like really underrated.
@Fresh Bread
Hey I have nothing against Yoshi. He’s a good character! And he’s way to underrated!
ikr, Yoshi's boss, I'm currently at 3 mill GSP with him.
I don't know if that's low or high
@Fresh Bread
Same! πŸ˜‚ I have no clue. πŸ˜‚
@Fresh Bread Yoshi's great, man. Show those Link main-ers the what-for!
I’m starting to actually.
But my other mains are Samus, Snake, and Simon....
I guess the characters that start with an S...
Jack of all trades for me! All the characters have regular hits and stuff that aren't that different from each other. Though I really like Greninja, Inkling, and Bowser... (I actually still haven't gotten all the characters; haven't put in enough play time. My excuse is that I'm savoring the moments...)
My mains are Yoshi and Random, yes I AM one of those guys who chooses random because I think I'll do good with any character.
Ha! Well, I had a lot of fun! Anyone else who wants to play can join us some other time!
Ps: You were great with Mega Man, though...
All of you are mistaken. I think you mean to say that Marth is better than all of the other characters.
What the- who let this guy in here!?
Me! Sorta... I love him, i’m Just bad with him...
My other mains include, Daisy, Lucas, Zelda, Corrin, and Inkling
@SMASHEVERYTHING Noice! Haven't seen too many Zelda players yet! (Or Daisy, for that matter... I prefer Peach. Less of a whiner.)
My Main is Mii Swordfighter, The swordfighter of many faces.
I Also Like The Ice Climbers
@PuppyPusheenPotatoPie Just commented on not seeing to many Zelda players, and then I saw your comment! Sorry... :P! Don't you just love using that diamond shield over and over again?
I like Palutena a lot too, but i dont even know why
My main is Samus. I’m getting a lot better as her.
I do like palutena, but I’m bad with her. TBH, I’m bad at smash bros! XD
In complete honesty, I like playing them all. They all feel good and it’s just a fun game. Even if you suck
Ok, I agree with Smasheverything... all the characters are good in their own way. I have a feeling my mains are gonna change all the time.

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