C and B♮

I've been playing oboe for a couple of years now, and a few months ago my high C and eventually B♮ have quit working. It doesn't have to do with the reed, it just will make a very airy lower octave sound. i have looked up all kinds of different fingerings and none seem to work. Is this a common ailment or is my instrument broken?

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8 days ago

Cor Anglais

Hi guys, I am an oboe player about to have the ABRSM Grade 8 exam in November. How different is the Cor Anglais/English horn from the oboe? Is renting one (not including reed) sanitary?

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3 years ago

High notes


I don't personally play oboe (yet), but I am in the process of writing something with oboe for a competition, and it would be hard to avoid the high E6 (the E three ledger lines above the staff) in the main melody. How hard/easy is this note to play for beginning, intermediate, or advanced players?

Thank you very much - this will help a lot!


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3 years ago


I recently figured out how to do vibrato on the oboe. Instead of using my jaw or my embrochure, I used the sternum to make the vibrato clear. Any advice on how I can improve my vibrato and get it to sound more pure? When is the right time to use vibrato, and what song styles is it usually seen in?

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6 years ago


Hey! I'm auditioning for a part in a woodwind quintet, and I need a prepared piece. This is coming up in about a week, so is there a nice Oboe solo out there for me to play? I would prefer it be easy enough to pick up within a week, but not too easy. Any help? Maybe a classical piece or a known composer? Thank you all!

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a year ago