What sparked your interest on odd-metered music?

Hey, everyone! Since there's only one discussion here, I figured I want to add another one! My question is, what brought or led you to join this group, or how did you first find your interests in uncommon time signatures?

Mine was listening to the legendary prog-rock band, Dream Theater! They have fantastic ways to create spectacular musical pieces in the form of prog rock, and in odd time meters, most of timing is composed from the old drummer of the band, and my personal favorite, Mike Portonoy!

Also, I think at this day and age, 4/4 can be a bit too boring to listen to, haha!

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2 years ago

"New" Group -- Genesis Games Music Team

Hello everyone,

It seems I'm now advertising another new group. (Well, technically, the group I'm about to advertise isn't "new," but nobody besides me has joined it yet at the time of this writing.) The Musescorer Enochulous has made a group called "Genesis Games Music Team" (link here: https://musescore.com/groups/1892176) and is looking for composers and/or other music department members to help him create and share music for some games he is planning on making. (As far as I can tell, right now he's working on one called ZeroBlade Run.) If you're interested in composing for a video game, I recommend you check it out.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

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a year ago