Orchestration Practice Competition!!

Feb 28, 2018

Well I decided to do a competition here in the spring while waiting for the summer competition :D


you must do an arrangement of this polka type piece -
( https://musescore.com/robin_m_butler/the-minute-polka )
using this template -
( https://musescore.com/robin_m_butler/the-minute-polka-template )

You must be creative! this competition is all about being creative with the colors in the orchestra, the winning score will be judged on usages of color and creativity! :D

Deadline: Must submit before April 1st. (unless not enough entries have been made, then I will change it to May 1st)

Have fun Everyone! :D

(put links to your arrangements down below!)

And once the submissions are closed, I will post a score with my own Orchestration :D