Revived and Re-imagined

Aug 4, 2013

Ok, so I've decided to continue this, but I've altered it around a bit. This will now be a website, and a site on some social networks, and that's how we are going to assemble it. To remind you, here are the 20 pieces going to be entered:

An Impassioned Dance in A minor
The Search for Glory
Fugue A minor Op.2
Piano Sonata 1 (Piece 22)
The Tempest Prelude
Etude in B minor
Piano Invention #1 in E flat Major
The Wonders of Flight
MoonSong (Finished)
A little fugue
When leaves fall
Summertime Day-times
The Lunar Eclipse
Venetian Waters
Opus of Hurricane

Many of these aren't up right now, but those participating need to send me a link or upload it to musescore. I am going to create a new cleaned out group for the Musescore Songbook, where we can collaborate in editing, formatting, and publishing this media:

For more information, see the new group, I am inviting the 20 finalists to join it.


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