Instrumentation etc.

Jun 4, 2012

You are looking to produce an anthology of MuseScore works (as opposed to a song book), but constantly varying instrumentation isn't really going to be very useful to any consumer. Creating, say, an anthology of piano works, would have much broader appeal, and will more likely be accepted by a publisher.

Creating some sort of structure so that the anthology will be balanced, then assigning pieces to be written by composers, would probably be the best way of going about this project, as this would allow for greatest variety, and means that the anthology could be structured a little more.

If my above suggestions are counted, the the title presents itself: 'First Musescore Folio of Pianoforte Music', or some such. The formatting will need to be consistent between pieces, which also means that solo instrument is generally going to be better, and this is also suited to the piano.

Just a few thoughts.


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