Transcription completed: 20 April 2019

In English:
Congratulations to all our transcribers: the transcription of Bruckner's Symphony No. 5 is now complete.  The review process will take a few more months, but the hard work of transcription is now done.
Thank you everyone!

In French:
Félicitations à tous nos transcripteurs: la transcription de la Symphonie N ° 5 de Bruckner est maintenant terminée. Le processus de révision prendra encore quelques mois, mais le travail difficile de la transcription est maintenant terminé.
Merci à tous!

5 hours ago

Should rehearsal marks (and tempo indications) be repeated at certain staves?

Re. Movement 2 (reviewed to measure 69):

 "Pour être homogène au repère A mesure 19, placé en entête de système avec rappel sur famille cordes et en bas de système de :
mesure 19 manque le rappel de repère A en fin de page, portée Kb dessous .
idem C mesure 55, cordes et bas."

"To be consistent with rehearsal mark A in measure 19, placed at the top of the system with a repetition above the string section and at the foot of the system [in the IMSLP score]:
- measure 19 is missing the repetition of rehearsal mark A at the end of the page, below the Double Bass stave.
- the same for repetitions of rehearsal mark C in measure 55, above the strings and at the foot."

REVIEWER'S REPLY:  in English:
"During review, I had tried to suppress the repetitions of the rehearsal marks (but missed one repetition at mark A).  Why suppress the repetitions?  Because repetition of rehearsal marks and tempo marks is a "new feature request" which will almost certainly appear in a future release of MuseScore. See:

But I will check what is the OpenScore policy for repetition of rehearsal marks and tempo marks e.g. above the string section"
"Lors de la révision, j'avais essayé de supprimer les doublons des repères de répétition (mais j'avais oublié une répétition au repère A). Pourquoi supprimer les doublons? Parce que la répétition des repères de répétition et des marques de tempo est une  "demande de nouvelle fonctionnalité" qui apparaîtra certainement dans une future version de MuseScore. Voir:

Mais je vérifierai quelle est la politique OpenScore en matière de duplication de marques de répétition et de marques de tempo, par exemple au-dessus de la section des cordes. "

23 days ago

Thank you, transcribers!

In English:
Many thanks to pental, who has just transcribed the Scherzo from movement 3. Thanks also to markpearse who has almost finished his transcription of movement 4.

En français:
Un grand merci à pental, qui vient de transcrire le Scherzo du mouvement 3. Merci également à markpearse qui a presque terminé sa transcription du mouvement 4.

13 days ago

Tremolo strokes collide with ledger lines

In English:
Tremolos on notes with 3 or 4 ledger lines above the staff will collide with the ledger lines.  We will not correct this manually!  Instead I have raised the problem in the issue tracker:

En français:
Les trémolos sur des notes avec 3 ou 4 lignes ajoutées au-dessus de la portée entreront en collision avec les lignes ajoutées. Nous ne corrigerons pas cela manuellement! Au lieu de cela, j'ai soulevé le problème dans l'outil de suivi des problèmes:

17 days ago

Progress report

In English:
Dear Transcribers,
Just to let you know: about 50% of every movement is already transcribed.  That's fantastic progress, far faster than I expected:
Thank you all!

En français:
Chers Transcripteurs,
Juste pour vous faire savoir: environ 50% de chaque mouvement est déjà transcrit. C'est un progrès fantastique, beaucoup plus rapide que prévu:
Merci à tous!

18 days ago

Privacy when submitting work to the group

Is there a way to add files to this group without making them available to the public?

I have just added some work on the 4th movement to the group.  SInce I did not want incomplete work visible to the public, I made the file private. I then found that I could not add it to this group.  I suppose this makes sense, since the group itself is  public and would have given access to a private file.

In the end I just made the file public - I suppose this has the advantage that it might give a bit of publicity to the group for potential transcribers!

Best wishes to all,

a month ago

Dotted passages

I have been finding long dotted passages rather tedious to enter, as one need to change the note duration for each note - so I looked for a trick to ease the task.

1) For (eg) dotted quaver semi-quaver, enter the entire passage as straight quavers from MIDI keyboard. Do not deal with enharmonic changes or cautionaries at this stage.

2) Go back to the first note and dot it using the full stop on the keyboard.  Then the entire passage can be dotted from the keyboard by repeating the pattern (right arrow) (right arrow) (full stop) as necessary. At the same time one can proof listen/read and correct enharmonics and precautionary accidentals.

This latter stage goes faster if you define keyboard shortcuts for sharp natural and flat (I use cmd alt  s/n/f) as this allows you to leave your hands on the keyboard all the time.

29 days ago

New suggestions for Workflow Management - revised...

Our thanks to transcriber fredipi for contributing more ideas about efficient workflow management of transcription for this symphony project.

You will now find two links to his documents (in French and English) in the right sidebar, titled  Workflow  Suggestion No.1 and  Workflow  Suggestion No.2.

a month ago

Launch of the transcription project: Bruckner Symphony No.5

Today sees the launch of a major project for OpenScore: Anton Bruckner's Symphony No.5 in B-flat major (WAB 105)! 

By one of fate's lucky chances, two high-quality scans of the full score of this symphony were added to IMSLP in February 2019 and March 2019 by Christian Kraus.  Our chosen scan is IMSLP #562139.

We are hoping that we can find transcribers who will commit to transcription of an entire movement of the symphony, so it is expected that this project will run for several months.

Please post any questions on this group, and I will do my best to answer promptly.

Best wishes,

a month ago