Style Guide for Organ Music

Hey y'all, awesome group! I read the previous discussion, and I agree, incorrect notation for the organ is a problem here on MuseScore, and considering how OpenScore will be transcribing organ works eventually, I'm thinking we need a proper tutorial on how to write sheet music for the Monarch of Instruments. I've started to write one, but I don't have much classical training in this arena. Do you have any thoughts, suggestions, tips, etc. for me?

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9 months ago

Organ Sheet Music Writing Tips

I noticed some of you have been writing organ music a little weird.

The part I noticed you guys didn't look closely enough, is more particularly with the pedalboard notes.

In reality, the lowest note that the Pedalboard and manuals can play is C2 (two octaves below the middle C).

Therefore, if you want to make your sheet music for the organ more realistically playable, you need to take into account the range of the keys of an organ.

Here is an example of the note ranges:

(More specifically I am referring to the written range)

Take my sheet music for instance. You will never see any note on the bass or pedal bass clef lower than C2. That was because I knew in ahead the note range limitations of the 61-key manual keyboards and 32-note pedalboards and improvised my way around that issue by bringing up or lowering down an octave some parts in certain songs. As I know that organs tend to already have voices higher and lower than 8' voice stops to compensate for the adjusted octave and therefore make the songs realistically playable.

Please keep that in mind next time whenever you create another part for the organ in your score or if you are making sheet music for the organ.

Thank you. :)

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a year ago

Rant! People not reading descriptions

If it's one thing that really peeves me off, it's when people don't bother or forget to even check the descriptions of the scores they browse when they should know full well that some of their questions may already be answered in the description of the score they browse.

The description section of the scores are there to explain to the viewer what the score is about and any additional details without having the viewers to do more unnecessary work by asking the obvious questions that already have obvious answers in the description of the score, to begin with.

If there is a question that the viewer has which asks to elaborate on what was said in the description or if they don't seem to understand what was mentioned in the description, they are certainly welcome to go ahead with those questions.

Yet again, what is not necessary is to ask obvious questions that already have obvious answers already in the description.

That's enough of my rant.

I'd like to know your thoughts on this matter. I hope I'm not the only one here.

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a year ago