Beings this group isn't active, does it really make sense to have a requirement of posting a comment every two weeks when there's nothing to comment on?

a month ago

Scratch what I said last time.

I was originally planning on uploading them, yes, but then oof happened and now I am arranging the entire Final Fantasy XV collection. I will see ya all later.

a month ago


The most popular scores on this website are just crummy piano arrangments of popular songs.

3 months ago

I have an idea

To promote activity, we could have a daily/weekly tour where you spend an hour or so just touring channels/pieces and leaving comments. That'll expose more people's music to more audiences and make them happy too. 

2 months ago

Are my standards too high?

I need an honest opinion from my members.
I have turned away about 20 requests due to the requirements not being met. Should I reduce the requirement for posted music to two?

2 months ago

Relating to the "Contemplating the popularity of my music" post, a song that fits perfectly.

Well you see, this song was in the making for 3 months, and released on July 22nd, 2019.
It is my pride and joy, my masterpiece. It works magic, according to my pianist friends, and other professionals. For the few people who listened to it, it is an absolute legend. Yet, no one decides to take a look at it. It is a much higher quality piece than my top pieces, such as Rightfully and Unravel.
I have no idea why this is a thing, but it really doesn't encourage putting in a lot of time to finish songs.

4 months ago

Spooky time!

Make some spooky music! I have a piece coming in a few days that has a bunch of Earthbound Soundfonts. You know how that goes down.

4 months ago