Sixth edition of Sorodha Composition Competition belongs to MARIMBA


Sixth edition of Sorodha Composition Competition belongs to MARIMBA. I will be honoured to perform five selected compositions at public concert 29th April in Antwerp, Belgium.

Apply now! The submission deadline is Friday 10th of March 2017!
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Ewelina Hajda
Compositeurs !

La sixième édition de la compétition de composition sorodha appartient à marimba. Je serai honoré de réaliser cinq compositions sélectionnées au concert public le 29 avril à Anvers, Belgique.

S'appliquer maintenant ! La date limite de soumission est le vendredi 10 mars 2017 !
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Bonne chance !

Ewelina Hajda
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2 years ago

Percussion contest #1!

Percussion Contest #1:
Description: Simply create a percussion ensemble piece with whatever genre you want, and the type of instruments you want. They must be percussion only though. You can choose to write any song that you think will sound best!

- Must use percussion instruments only: Pitched & or Unpitched.
- Must have a minimum of 4 instruments.
- Must be at least 30 seconds long.
- Type "Percussion contest #1" as the subtitle.
- Must be original and new!

Due date: This contest ends March 20th
*All submissions will be listened to, and it will be judged on creativity, length, and overall musicality*

Thanks and good luck!

6 years ago