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Jun 16, 2018

I am writing a marching show and need someone to write front ensemble and possibly drum line if possible. Please contact me if interested


I can write the front ensemble, with a possibility of a drum line. I must forewarn you, I don't have too much experience, and I will have have to revise and edit my drafts multiple times. If your willing to, I am willing to try write this for you, and would enjoy doing so. So, I am willing to try and write this for you. Thank you if you choose me to do so.
im in the middle of writing a show as well but id love to write some percussion parts
Thanks for responding and sorry I haven't. I have uploaded the score to my profile so you guys can go download it and add the percussion is you so please. Thanks!
I would love to help write the mallet parts of the show! but I'm not much help in the auxiliary percussion or drum line portions of music. 
I can do the battery. if you want
I can do mallets very well!
I can give it a go

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