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Oct 13, 2018

Hi all!

I am currently working on a project that sounds more like a soundtrack than a classical piece, and I have no experience with percussion instruments. Does anyone know of a good resource to familiarize myself with the different percussion instruments and their uses in an orchestra, especially as it related to soundtrack music? I know what I want the percussion in the score to sound like but I do not know the best instruments to use to make those sounds.

Any help is appreciated!


Im the Principal percussionist for Newport Borough Brass and ive been playing percussion for over 20 years now, ive a wide knowlege of all the standard and exotic percussion and how to use/note them. so feel free to ask anything
Ok thanks, so I am writing a score inspired by a novel that a friend of mine is writing, and so far it has a "soundtrack" feel to it. I just don't know what percussion instruments make the right sounds. I am familiar with the bass drum, timpani, and the snare drum but anything else I'm only experimenting with, and it's a bit difficult with a midi soundfont. For example, I have been using the MDL Drum Set which has toms in it, but I wouldn't know the difference between toms and tenor drums or anything like that. If you like, I can send you a message from your profile so I can email you a portion of the piece with some examples of what I'm trying.
I found many great videos on youtube. Maybe have a look over there. Good instruments for your kind of music are probably sustained cymble, mallets, tambourin, snare drum, base drum and timpani. Hope that helps
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have a look.
Don't know much about soundtrack, but here is a handy link
Make sure you click the "next" button at the bottom after you finish. There should be more.
And here is a more advanced one, including videos about most of the percussion instruments, their sounds, and their uses in a band.
The demonstrator is a vic firth (world's most popular drumstick & mallets manufacturer) certified percussionist, so have fun!
Thanks so much! That should keep me busy learning for a while.
I can actually help you if you need help. Just PM me.

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