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Jul 10, 2016

I'm going to be certified as a piano teacher in a fall, but to be accepted into the teacher training program, I have to send in two audition pieces. Now, these are above my level (Beethoven's Sonata in G Major and Minuet I by Bach) and the judges are expecting me to perform them flawlessly, at a teacher's level, not a student's. Needless to say, it's hard work. I have about a month until the deadline, and I'm still tripping up and hitting wrong notes and hesitating and keeping the rhythm.

Do you have any tips for learning these pieces or any advice on auditioning? I need all the help I can get right now. Thank you so much!


Sorry for the late reply! I have been so busy all this year.

I hope at the time that I write this reply, you will be a prolific teacher. But I would like to say one or two words about this subject.

First, of all the time that you spend with the piano, trying to learn etc is very important. At your level you need at least ten hours a day. That means that you have to be extremely careful with your program. Sleep well and early (at least 8 hours) so you will be fresh and productive the other day, eat well and cut alcohol if you drink.
Now for the pianistic part, you must do a couple of things:

1) Start playing the piece slowly first the notes in the right hand and then the notes in the left. It's really important to do this by putting a lot of pressure in the keys so the sound will be as loud as possible.
2) When you think that the hands have learn the piece well, start playing again slowly with both of them. This time is more possible to have problems with wrong notes. It's crucial to play everything in the exact same rhythm that the piece says.
3) When you find a problem or you cannot pass a section of the piece cause it's to hard repeat again and again by slowing down the speed until the melody is clear without any wrong notes. Then start to gain some speed.
4) Do at every hard part the rhythmic arpeggios exercise it will help SO much.
5) Maybe the most important thing. Understand completely the armony and the armonic subsequency.

If you repeat this method again and again I am sure that you will have a very good result in the exams and you will get the certification. Don't forget, that playing and learning piano is a sensitive and time-consuming process.

Best regards,

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