(Wip) GUNS! 9ETUDES for one hand" No.1.DAZZLE". LOOK MA NO HANDS!

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aint nevuh gonna let it die/cuz it gave me a soul /and it gave me a role /andI'm gonna keep singin' till im 6feet in da ground./cuz it gave me a home and took me toRome /and let me lie deep in its hooooot-ness! I AM A LEAF & ITS WIND SHAKES ME FULLY AND IM CONVICED THEIR AINT NO MAN IN HEAVEN BUT THER'ES MUSIC T H E R E !!!!
Oh dear where did all that pop song drivel foolishness and emotions come from . Never Mind - we all have them !9etudes will probably be 10 or 12 by the time I look for a publisher ! My 1st iddea was to have the rh or left hand jumping registers quickly.But I never started that idea. tonight the 4th of Jan.2015 I finally resolved that issue without having any music in my head at all .Just the knowledge that I wanted 2nds far apart.so I chose e and d# -fur elise again . Look at the new etude . I may do 2 tonight .I have so many ideas in my head ! I cant get everything out.I have a concertino for piano left h and orchestra but I havent engraved yet on Muse.Finished 4hand piece on weekend havent put notes on Muse yet ! Once i write a single note the other ones just come like a fountain. I wish i had known I had this talent 10 years ago i would have stopped memorizing Ligeti and Chopin and starting memorizing my own music and played it in a restaurant instead ! Every opus needs several pieces in it is my philosophy ! these etudes some of which can be played by either hand were a challenge that turned out ot be very easily aaccomplished (even though I'm not done) I can play them and I'm only an average amateur trained pianist. I came up with some novel hand figurations -when u know the literature as well as I do ideas ASSERT themselves . People talk about chopin and Liszt bu ttrruly evey individual talent comes up with instrumental finger patterns for each instrument. Brahms 2 piano concerti and all the solo works are a testament to this.Even Szymanowsky,FrankMartin every one even you probably will come up with their own style an d piano figurations ! RIGHTHAND OR LEFT. "ALONE AT LAST" A TROPE for questioning the powers and tradition that have been in place for centuries in the greatest democratic experiment (U.S. A.) but that has fallen desperately , fatally short for millions since the 17th century ! because of entrenched racist codes, traditions, attitudes and laws that disable, marginalize disenfranchise and exclude non-white Europeans and allow the status quo to remain unchecked in their rape of each continent ! mANY PEOPE DON'T REALIZE THE FOREFATHERS MIGHT ALSO HAVE DECIDED TO SECCEDE FROM Great Britian because with the Somerset cae of the 1760's it was beginning to become apparent that the slave trade was going to be abolished. Britain and France both outlawed it shortly after the American Revolution but the newly formed Democratic experiment did not want to lose it source of free labor and this entailed enforcing attitudes of non-humanness and noworth on the people of color who were kidnapped from their native lands and brought to Cuba,the Spanish Hispanolas and South America (which also has an interesting african musical traition to boot and which continued slavery until the 1870's long after most European nations had decided it was an inhuman tradition and cheap labor could be implemented through other more acceptable but equally unfair means. Child labor history too-demands a good perusal if you are not familiar with its history so a reminder of the wars the proprietary ,elitist ruling-class starts and sends the poor in every country to fight in order to keep their economies ,labor ,cultural ,goverment systems untouched . Who were the Kennedy's really and L.b.J. was a horrible man .the info is out there if you are not afraid to know the truth about your past and ancestors! Rich people rob every fu..king day and their businesses are subsidized and everything from solar panels to toilet paper gets a voucher. Conditions are inequitable ! My anger about repeal of 1965 Voting Act , ferguson everyday life in these United States is uncontainable . Vote and replace the mf's who are ruining the planet so it will not sustain life to keep their damn profits. Most people dont ever once think in their miserable lives -so change is very slow. Marxism may not be the answer but his essays delineate the problem very well ! That we are all living with in late capitalism . Inform yoself if ya dont know what ya should !
I prefer doing some of these with left hand -others with right hand .The sextuplets however fit the r.h .You'd think id have a great piano part for a pano concerto ! certainly my work has more vitality ! punch ,interest !,ingenuity in hand formations ,vivacity ,toughness,color and changing volatile emotion when I write at the paino. Never let a pattern or harmony become routine ! I rarely compose at the piano . I do the same thing with my painting and the paintings I like : abstract expressionism have this kind of intensity. .Intuition orders it !

LesMouches (THE FLIES ) from Symphony No 6recent

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Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet(3), Bassoon(2), Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, French Horn, Trumpet(2), Trombone, Timpani, Percussion(15), Piano(2), Harp, Violin(2), Strings(9), Viola, Cello, Contrabass
2nd movement from my 6 th Symphony !

Aphorism (original)

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Violin, Piano
So I'm not really good at writing vocal melodies, actually I have next to zero experience on that front :D but I found this poem and I decided to give it a shot.
The English title isn't a totally accurate translation of the original title, but it's the closest I could figure out. As for what the poem is about, here's a rough translation by me:
How many
Hot kisses were spilled!
Exhausted love
Spilled forth past the edges.
We were burning candles
At daylight,
That night will come.

Mazurka in E-flat major (original)

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Another little mazurka I wrote the other day. For this one I tried to focus much more on the rhythmical side of the music, to give it a sort of folksy feeling. I also tried to follow a more dance piece structure, used in waltz' and some of Chopin's mazurkas. Having written this in about 3 hours, I'm not really sure how it turned out, but I hope you enjoy! :)

Aristocrats' Waltz

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L. W. M. Tworzydlo, The composers of the XXI century. Selected scores for the piano, Lukasz Wojciech M. Tworzydlo, Gdańsk 2018, p. 8-9.
-> ISMN 979-0-9020142-2-9

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Kindest regards,
Lukasz Wojciech M. Tworzydlo

Fugue In F Minor

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Hey guys! This is an experimental fugue because I want someone to explain me how a fugue works. I need critique to better write fugues in the future! :)


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Oboe, Piano, Bass, Percussion
for all my frog friends. i miss you dearly...
( video version here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glGn1Zugh18 )

i love the frog and toad stories from Arnold Lobel. i identify more with toad, the pessimist. i wrote this song from the standpoint of toad after he and frog have moved on to different places, different phases of life. but toad has brought something with him. something that he learned from frog and is still trying to put into practice.... i hope you all enjoy.
(re-uploaded for the new soundfont)

( Frog's version here: https://musescore.com/tburch/hoo-ray )

since you are gone i try every day
to get along with the things that you'd say
a simple thing becomes such a chore
without you there to show me it's more
but i remember the things that we'd do
me like a fly from the house you would shoo
melting snow and the warmth of a smile
across the meadows we walk 'most a mile

blah... blah...
blah... blah...
blah... blah... blah...

we'd share a story, we'd swim and we'd sleigh
and wear some ice cream on a hot summer day
rake each other leaves for the wind to undo
eat some cookies, grow a garden or two
and through it all i would drag my feet
but you jumped in, all light and no heat
and now i try to live the same way
a little piece of you that you gave away

blah... blah...
blah... blah...
blah... blah... blah...
Violin Sonata C major
Custom audio

Violin Sonata C major

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Bass, Piano
hi, this is my first attempt at writing a violin sonata. this is the first movement of the three, the other two will follow in the next weeks. please feel free to share any feedback, I hope you will enfoy listening it, thanks!

March of the Resistance

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So I sat down for like an hour to arrange something while I was bored... and this happened :D This being one of my favorite themes from the sequel trilogy alongside Rey's theme, I tried to do justice to the orchestral original. So to sort of keep that rhythmical feeling I tried to notate the score with as little pedal as I could, only putting it where necessary, because I wanted a clear sound as opposed to a kind of muddy sound with lots of pedal. And like most of my pieces, I wrote it for a larger hand, but I think even a person with small hands can manage quite well with some clever trickery ;) Anyway, enjoy the arrangement, and may the Force be with you :)
2018-10-06 piano sonata in C minor
Custom audio

2018-10-06 piano sonata in C minor

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I hope you enjoy this piece. If you play the piano and see something I have overlooked in the way of playability, please let me know. If there is a musical or theory error, also, please let me know. Thanks. May God be praised! -jmoses

Etude in B major (100 follower special!!)

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So I'm not even sure what to say, but I guess I should start with a thank you :D So, thank you to every single one of my followers!! Not even sure how I managed that with my mediocre music, but I guess I did :D So anyway, here's a piece I wrote just today for this little occasion.
About the piece, it's my very first etude for piano. It focuses on right hand dexterity with two voices and playing a polyrhythm between the hands. As it's my first etude, I'm not sure how it turned out, so I'd like to hear what you think ;) Anyway, enjoy! :)

Without Tears in My Eyes

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Harmonica, Cello, Piano, Percussion
Oct 14, 2018
It's one of my earliest works, so it has many flaws.
I won't change it though XD
Oct 15, 2018
Well, I have changed some notes, because they really sound terrible XD

Fairy tail - MusicBox (season 1 series 135)

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#FromRussiaWithLove! Find it on Youtube!
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Detroit: Become Human - Now (Connor Chase): https://musescore.com/user/1214461/scores/5170713

Steins;Gate film Dejavu Opening - Anata no Eranda Kono Toki wo:

Akame ga Kill Op2: https://musescore.com/user/1214461/scores/5106852

One Punch Man - The Asterois explodes: https://musescore.com/user/1214461/scores/5112998

Darling in the Fnaxx -Opening: https://musescore.com/user/1214461/scores/5163719

Russian Athem Sad Version: https://musescore.com/user/1214461/scores/5176767

Sonata no.3, op.1 "Death"

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Final movement of my first sonata, called "Life's sonata". It represents the death, and the end of life, itself.

Octopath Traveler Main Theme (Title)

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Not my best work, but I wanted to get some Octopath out there, since I'm a big fan of the game. The sheet differs slightly from the playing because of time constraints. Anyway, hope you like it! What's your experience with Octopath?

There's a lot of things in the works right now, both in terms of albums and covers. Stay tuned!

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Composer: Yasunori Nishiki
Arranger: Torbjørn Brandrud
Original Music © Square Enix (2018)

SYMPHONY NO 6 {1st mov.)sketchaterial .

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Piccolo(2), Flute(3), Oboe, English Horn, Clarinet(3), Bassoon(2), Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, French Horn(2), Trumpet(4), Trombone(2), Tuba, Timpani, Percussion(14), Piano, Harpsichord, Harp, Strings(6), Cello, Contrabass
A more detailed 2nd movement sketch of materials ,instrumentalideas and POOPPOOP MELODIES for this planned SympHONY No. 6 is aaaat 21st ccentury boi . OOOor IS it boy ? This is a sketch and some preliminary ideas for musicke . Obviously the staccatto idea
in violins is contrasted with opening theme but it comes in at
the 1st minute . This is going to be a GRANDE work with its
genotype based in Berlioz , Wagner , grandiose old-world Weber and Strauss . I wanted mre of a Mahlerian thing goingon in the first coupleofpages .GIMME PESSURE AND OILCAN TIME AND QUEEN AND DAVIDBOWIE with lithe some turets SYNDROME!!! (if Betthoven could
gIT all D A T in da E R OI C A out of an Eflat triad thenmy little
brain should be able to get lots out of 2 triads that open this orchestral music One in C the other in A flat . Oh what fun da beechy woodsucking wthPOOPFROG (yes its a real animal and is a frog .Who saw the fascinating segment on 60 Minutes about the guy photographing many not wellknownor well documented species in the phillipines .I amone of thembut I cum frum Eaemericu of tje United Eeamericucuou !!! ! for da masses and PATSYS and battys and catty-types and and and and... wasses and fastest minds and nastieast and passest and sasses maybe even lasses . see ya horsies ' and yorky terriers !
Prélude in C sharp major No.3 Op.10
Custom audio

Prélude in C sharp major No.3 Op.10

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My third prélude for piano in C sharp major. This piece is inspired by Japanese classical music.
Hope you enjoy it.