Prelude in F sharp major (original)

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A little nugget, from my current sadness, I wrote yesterday (10th grade exams are approaching and the depression and anxiety duo are coming back in to my life, as usual). Anyway, I tried something quite different from my usual aesthetic for this piece:
1) I tried to avoid the tonic chord pretty much until the last few bars. The I chord was there, I just used altered versions of the I chord, like augmented, dominant and M6 (D#m7) chords.
2) I used a 5 bar phrase structure for the whole piece (only the very last phrase is a 4 bar one, so you do get a sense of resolution somewhat). I think it does give the piece a sort of odd feeling, not sure though.
But enough of me rambling, enjoy the piece :D
P.S. This piece isn't a projection of my current situation, I just happened to write it at a time when I'm slightly depressed.

Inventions and Sinfonias / INVENTIONEN UND SINFONIEN | Complete BWV 772-801

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The Inventions and Sinfonias, BWV 772–801, also known as the Two- and Three-Part Inventions, are a collection of thirty short keyboard compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750): 15 inventions, which are two-part contrapuntal pieces, and 15 sinfonias, which are three-part contrapuntal pieces. They were originally written as musical exercises for his students.
Bach titled the collection:
"Forthright instruction, wherewith lovers of the clavier, especially those desirous of learning, are shown in a clear way not only 1) to learn to play two voices clearly, but also after further progress 2) to deal correctly and well with three obbligato parts, moreover at the same time to obtain not only good ideas, but also to carry them out well, but most of all to achieve a cantabile style of playing, and thereby to acquire a strong foretaste of composition."
The two groups of pieces are both arranged in order of ascending key, each group covering eight major and seven minor keys.
The inventions were composed in Köthen; the sinfonias, on the other hand, were probably not finished until the beginning of the Leipzig period.

The ornamentics have been adjusted to today's piano's sound.

Improvisation on a Hungarian Peasant Song

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Cellolin is back! After my first couple years of organ studies, I'm finally getting some time to write again - today an etude in the style of Bartók, who has written a wonderful set of "Eight improvisations on Hungarian Peasant Songs".

Please consider that musescore absolutely doesn't get appogiaturas, therefore some measures sound a bit... weird. If anybody knows how to fix this, please drop me a note!

Not much else to say - enjoy and go check out some Bartók, especially his "smaller" works!

Toccata on 'Happy Birthday' (2018)

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A short toccata I composed to experiment with harmony.

(This piece is uploaded as part of my effort to upload my older works on musescore)

Prelude in C major (200 follower special!!)

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A pretty weird thing to see, but I have 200 followers on here, somehow :D So, I just want to say a big thank you to all of the people that have followed me and thought it's worthwhile to hear more. So thank you!! :D And here's a little piece for the occasion.
So this prelude I wrote quite a while back, something like 4 months ago. It's quite conservative harmonically, and very conservative compared to the prelude I uploaded a while ago, but I tried new things, like more complex figurations in the right hand and having the melody in the left hand. So I hope you enjoy! :)
PS. Apologies for being quite inactive over the past few months, the workload of school work has been quite tough and it's been difficult to find time to write music and be creative like I was during the summer. So apologies again, hope ya'll understand.

Greensleaves (Easy)

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My arrangement of Greensleaves. This arrangement is for beginners and is not very difficult at all. In all honesty I improvised it on my piano and thought it sounded good, so yeah. Enjoy!

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Anticipation (2019)

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Clarinet, Piano
A lovely Andante for Bb Clarinet+Piano. This piece illustrates one's eager and optimistic outlook for the future as they pursue their dreams, despite the challenges and uncertainties they may face along the way.

Please feel free to feedback and critique my work! (I'm still learning!!) All feedback and criticisms are much appreciated:)

Prelude No.3 - 10 (14) Follower Special

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Thank you everyone so much for 14 followers :DDDDDDDDD.

I'm a month late, because, well, I ran out of ideas. Last week I had a quick burst of inspiration and I used it to begin and end the piece.

I'd like to thank a couple of people for supporting me and commenting on my scores:
Christian Tan, Jmoses, Elliot Butler, Rebecca Y, Bearsim, Jayden Fung, RedScreen, Milock and Romain Gandillet

This is my tenth serious composition, I think it is my best so far and I really enjoyed writing it. The name is pretty boring and cliche, so if you have any ideas, let me know

All feedback is welcome :)

This piece is inspired by Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi
Soundfont: HQ Orchestral 3.0

Thanks for listening
Prelude G major
Custom audio

Prelude G major

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I wrote this pretty quickly when I couldn't sleep, and hey I think it turned out alright. m.14-16 and m.34-42 are tunes that have been stuck in my head for a while. I wonder if they're from actual pieces?
Anyway, hope you enjoy this little prelude


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Oboe, Piano(2), Percussion
just a feeling i have too often these days.... added lyrics and percussion.

pushing for the hectic center
arguments galore
caught up in a sideways drift
should have seen it before
crest and curl through the outer layer
shunted into open space
sailing without interaction
sure missing that face to face

irrelevance delineates me

contribute to the final answer
sum before you square
incoherent shifts of phase
leaving naught nor care
draw for life one such diagram
hope that it joins the team
it gives no interaction, just like
you and me in the overall scheme

irrelevance defines me
irrelevance binds you and me
What a Differents a Day Makes
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What a Differents a Day Makes

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Flute, Piano(7), Guitar, Trumpet, Strings(2), Contrabass, Percussion
A beautyful song and a great hit from Maria Grever. Do you like it ??