Piano Orchestration

Jul 20, 2018

Hey guys I just finished up on my first piano piece with some orchestral back pieces to it! Please check it out and tell me what you think! Would love some advice from you guys! Thanks a lot!



That is beautiful!  I just finished my second composition, https://musescore.com/ccchip_cookie/whispers_of_the_sky
I have listened to a few of your other compositions on YouTube and I love them! What application do you use for the orchestral backgrounds?
@CCchip_cookie Thanks a lot for checking them out! I use mixcraft recording studio for my software and I just recently got a hold of the East West Composer cloud bundle VST for it! And I like your composition too it was really good and impressive for you age! Dont forget to experiment with different background rhythms throughout the piece! Keep up the good work!

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