The Ensemble is starting! Song: Looking for one!(ALSO NO MORE PEOPLE CAN JOIN)

Link to song:
Please learn by: January 25, 2020 and turn it in here:
Here are you parts... if your instrument part or name is not there, please message me through Musescore!
David Matev - Alto Saxophone
Edward Konyrev - Bb Trumpet
Overripe_Toad606 - Bb Trumpet
Kirara Wright - Piano Part
3rd_Clarinet - Bb Clarinet
ImSoSaxy - Tenor Saxophone
Half Step - Flute
The_Mad_Duck - Baritone/Euphonium
-Nobody Central- - FluteΒ 
b]Aqueous Humourati
- Video Editor
Rebecusta -Β Violin
Jdrcolbert - Cello Part
ZaneChihuahua - Violin
Justin M. Bornais - Bb Trumpet
Kilo The Fox - Alto Saxophone
Cathea493 - Bb Clarinet
Clayton Franks - Drum Set
Blastissimo - Flute
Bramley - Alto Saxophone
Racheal Siegel - Bb Clarinet
Brayden2711 - Alto Saxophone
Thomas Osborn - Marimba
Konnichichi - Piano (Play Bells Part)
The_Sax_Boy - Alto Saxophone
One-Dan-Band - Trombone
J. Steve Munoz -Β 
ArcticLemming715 - Piano Part (Play bells part)
Music265 - Piano Part (Play bells part)
Itschsi - Oboe Part
W41k3r#43470 - Piano (Play Bells Part)
Jarrett Schiedemeyer - Mallets or any percussion instrument
Ben Norlem - Tuba Part
7aneles7 - Piano (Play Bells)
Tchaikovsky No - Piano (Play Bells Part)
13cstaun071 - Trombone
Ken and Pete - Marimba
π”™π”’π”€π”’π”±π”žπ”―π”¦π”žπ”«β„­π”žπ”―π”―π”¬π”± - Piano (Play Bells Part)
Litman123456789 - Trombone
Phil0030 - Mallets
Jonathan Kichuk - TrumpetΒ 

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