Greatest piano concerti in history.

Oct 31, 2015

What are your favourite compositions for piano and orchestra that you have heard? Mine include Rach's second (, Chopin's first ( and Beethoven's Fourth and Fifth ( and


Tchaikovsky's Bbm concerto is majestic.
Does anyone think its an absolute waste of potential that the First "majestic" theme of of Tchaikovsky's Bbm concerto never gets played again throughout the rest of the concerto? I certainly think so. A friend of mine said that its the case because it would otherwise be exploiting the character too much which ruins the theme. But I think that is absolute absurd.
The outstanding concerto No. 24 in C minor by Mozart, KV. 491. The second of the two concertos by Mozart in a minor key (the other being no. 20 D minor), the second of the two Mozart concertos that have the soloist introduce a new theme when they start playing, rather than the main theme (again, the other being number 20), one of the few Mozart concertos to have their first movement in 3/4, the only Mozart's piano concerto to feature both oboes and clarinets, and the only one that doesn't indicate ending the cadenzas with a trill. Wonderful chromatics, a big orchestra almost like in Beethoven's music, marvelous use of the woodwinds (they actually leave the strings in their shadow - a rare case in that era) the longest first movement of a concerto (if not the longest concerto) by Mozart with an orchestral exposition of 99 measures... Perhaps the greatest concerto ever written (and the last movement is certainly the best theme and variations ever)
Hungarian Fantasy by Liszt never gets boring!
I personally prefer the solo piano version
I played the first saxophone part in a performance with my local symphony orchestra. It was so fun being part of it!
I love Atterberg piano concerto in b flat minor. :)
The best piano concertos are Mozart's. (There are other great concerto's too, but Mozart's are the best)
Of course! As the official inventor of the piano concerto, his concertos are the ripest in history.
No one mentioned Shostakovitch's second concerto?
uh oh, I just did, then saw your reply above mine after posting!
Good to see that you add it to your list.
I don't know about 'greatest', but I like Gershwin's Concerto in F because it was a breath of fresh air at the time with its jazz/blues interpolations. Greig's is a favourite and also Shostakovich's 2nd.
I really like Rach's 2 & 3 and also Prokofiev's 2 & 3. And I love Ravel's piano concerto (the one for two hands).
Definitely Rach 2 & 3. Mozart's piano concertos don't exalt the like Rach's do.
One of the more recent piano concertos that really spoke out to me was Einojuhani Rautavaara's Piano Concerto No. 1. His use of the right hand as a way to smash the keyboard and the dissonance of majority of the piece made me feel astonished at how beautiful the piece was through its outspoken nature.
@Skylighter After listening to the first movement of that work, I was fascinated with the surprising harmonic richness that comes out of simply smashing white notes.

Also, did I see that right? Towards the end of the movement was he playing those huge cluster chords with his whole arm?

If so, then god almighty piano playing has come a long way since Bach! XD
I really like rachmaninoff piano concerto no.3 in D minor.
Wow! Helen Grimes violin concerto I 've been aware of now for about a year . I come back to it several times a week . It is astonish - full of sounds and it develops from a single idea (really several but one is on violin ) !This is what "tout le monde " thinks . At the moment I keep listening to the shiny array and shimmers in Boulez' violin concerto so definitely not named .Elena Firsova's double concerto for violin &Piano I keep coming back to as I also do
Dubrovay's Flute concerto which too has been on my playlist for a year as has the Isang Yun 3rd violin concerto (lot of Asian composers born in the last half century really making an impact around the world .Chin was the first I noticed but many ore have been brought to my attention . Mozart 20,21 are really special but so are no. 25 and the slow movements of 10 and 22 cannot be any more of a perfect utterance . The best piano sonata I've heard has been that Australian composer I heard at the van CLiburn in my car (I havent had a car in more than a decade so that was a long time ago !)CARL VINE . HIS PF CONCERTO I FORGOT ABOUT BUT THAT 1ST SONATA IS A CLASSIC AND EVERYONE IS NOW PLAYING IT . SEBASTIAN CURRIER ? SO MANY GOOD PIANO CONCERTI .There are now 3 by and I only know her first ... I hear so much and have so little time to find scores and think about but ...

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