More than a Piano group?

Dec 20, 2017

It wouldn't be a shot in the dark to say that the "Piano" group on Musescore is one of the largest and most active groups on the entire online platform. Right? SO much music gets uploaded here, practically on a daily bases and I must say, I am hugely fascinated by some of the compositions that people are sharing here.

This next question is more directed at the admins of this group although other opinions from normal group members will not go unnoticed.

Is this group turning into a general music platform, catering to so much more music BESIDES compositions featuring the piano . I admit I am guilty of this myself, but I have seen quite a few compositions and transcriptions of orchestral, band and chamber music being shared here as if this group is a general music sharing website and pays no homage to the group description, let alone the title.

I posted this discussion because I would like a bit of clarification on this subject before I start sharing more string quartet transcriptions without the full consent from the admins of this group.

Kind Regards
Friedrich Hueppe


I feel like it should just be a piano group so that we can stick to the original motives of this group. I would make another group for other music compositions.

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