What is or was your most intensive piano drills or practice?

May 10, 2018

I am very new to Piano and for me it was scale drilling. I went through C, D, E major drills with right and left hands up three octaves back and forth 50 times which took about 10 minutes per hand so 20 minutes per scale and all up 60 minutes roughly for the three scales.

How about you?

Also, what are some tips to improve other than scales and right reading drills.


You could get a Hanon book.
I agree that a Hanon book is great.  That's what my teacher started me with when I was 9 years old - that's 50 years ago.  Great exercises, and all the major and minor scales.  This gives your fingers and hands the strength and flexibility to really have great control over your music.
I used to have to sound read as a warmup. My teacher would play a note/tune and I would have to play it back to her. I also had to play 2 octave chromatic scale chords.
ugh, hanon and czerny
Ich muss 5 Skalen zum Aufwärmen spielen 10 mal und mit beiden Händen dauert inzwischen nur noch 20 Minuten.
I agree about the Hanon and Czerny books they are very helpful, a bit, intimidating at first glance but they are a great resource for exercises to help and improve your technique... 

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