Any teenagers here?

Aug 13, 2018

Anybody under 18 here?


Just trying to figure out if their are any young composers like me here.
What is the hardest piece of music y’all have played?
I’ve only been able to play exam pieces and a couple of pop songs so far cause I have so little time for piano, you??
Understand that. Pirates of the Carribean and Waltz in E Minor by Chopin would be the hardest songs I’ve played I think. I’m working on The Greatest Showman Medely right now.
What genre do y’all like to play? And on what?
No reason. Just bored lol
I like Pop but I'm not into Classical.
No, but if there were, they'd probably be 18 by the time these forms get done
What instruments do you all play
@annathesheriff Piano and Guitar
woo - teens for the win
Me :P
I feel like there are more teenagers than adults here
@Rebecca Y Probably too, teenagers are always learning
Maybe. Adults would be better experienced though.
I'm a teen! Half a year until I'm an adult :'(
@lizzapie That’s scary! Yikes!
What are y’alls Hobbies?
@EmojiQueen  Playing piano, Running, and writing. :D  What about you?

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