Favorite modern day Composer

Dec 11, 2018

Such as John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Michael Giacchino, or others.


Mine would be Hans Zimmer. :D
@FunKeyChicken They're older, like 70 and 80 years old now, but still alive and writing. For piano, John Adams : Phrygian Gates and Rzewski: The People United will never be Defeated and Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues.
@ruhljw Oh Yeah! I've heard of them.
Ramin Djawadi? Not really piano only but some peaces are beautiful for piano!
@lizzapie Me to!! He's probably my 2nd favorite. :D
George Crumb. The black angels string quartet is insane that I really hear hell in it.
I don't know....does a Musescore composer count?🤔
Michael Giacchino all the way, he makes the best scores.
He also made The Incredibles score which...absolutely amazing.
Alexandre Desplat. I fell in love with The Imitation Game...
If classical-based producers count, I would say Steampianist.

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