Liszt's Piano Sonata in B Minor

Jun 15, 2019

This is really a grand, epic, and beautiful piece composed by Franz Liszt. Hope there are also someone like me also love this magnificent sonata very much.
I have spent lots of time adjusting every part's volume, speed, pedal and many details to make the sonata sound good-listening on MuseScore. Try to use headphones with better noise cancelling function to listen if it is possible.
By the way, I really like Zimerman's and Yundi Li's recordings, so most of the parts in these sheet musics were adjusted based on the two masters' recordings!!!
And actually this piece has only one movement, but the file would be too large, and for those who might just like to listen to certain parts, I separate it into three parts.
Lento assai - Recitativo (part 1-3)|
Andante sostenuto (part 2-3)|
Allegro energico - Lento assai (part 3-3)|
Allegro energico - Prestissimo (part 3-3 with original ending)|
For the “original ending,” that version is based on page 25 of Liszt's manuscript. However, The large section of that loud epic ending was crossed out in red finally and replaced by today's ending when this piece was published.
For people who never listen to this piece, I suggest that you listen to the one with today’s ending first!!
Page 25 of Liszt's manuscript|