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Mar 19, 2015

Hi. I am really bored playing songs for my piano exams or songs I've tried to learn but then couldn't really be bothered to learn. I recently performed River Flows in You by Yiruma and am now looking for some more beautiful Piano songs that I can learn. Any suggestions?


To a Wild Rose- Edward MacDowell
Pathetique Sonata - Beethoven (Isn't Beethoven's sonata are beautiful genius of mind?)
Consolation no.3- Liszt -->Beautiful but sad
Happy Pi 2015! - teesee3 -->new classical composition at MuseScore :P
Reverie - Debussy
Clair de Lune - Debussy
Traumerei - Schumann
Song without Words - Mendelssohn
Gymnopedie no.1 - Satie
Humoresque - Dvorak
Blumenlied - G.Lange
Ave Maria - The Great Universal Genius of Johann Sebastian Bach --> Einstein like it
My songs? XD

Not that they are really great or anything... but Yiruma was an inspiration for some of them! :)
Music Box - Gravis Sung --> Legend on MuseScore, a new classical composition
Ballet - Gravis Sung
Midnight Dance - Gravis Sung
Blue Danube (Piano Version) - Johann Strauss (some say that he is smarter than Einstein)
4'33'' - John Cage (Silent is art and beautiful)
Romance - Liszt
Ballade no.1 - Chopin
Melody in F -Arthur Rubinstein
Maple Leaf Rag - Scott Joplin
Over the Waves - Rosas
"Minute waltz" - Chopin
"My minute waltz" - Gerard Farré (I) Hahahahahahaha maybe you like my pieces.
Definitely Chopin's ninth opus number one! :D Also, if you like more contemporary classical, Ludovico Einoch has some really interesting pieces! (I was going to any of mine, but I see that joke has already been made XD)
You could always try learning Kiss the Rain by Yiruma. That's one of my favorites, it has such a beautiful melody, and it's relatively easy to learn.

Or you could take a look at this one if you want a more moving beautiful showpiece, it's probably my favorite to play. I'm not sure how hard it is to learn, it may be slightly harder.

Hope you find something! Piano is always the most fulfilling when you're learning songs you love. =)
Vocalise - Rachmaninoff (there's a piano transcription of the orchestral version. It's super difficult, but incredibly beautiful.)

Romance - Liszt

Nocturne in Eb major No. 2 - chopin

For River - To the Moon Soundtrack (more like Yiruma's music, if you're not as interested in Classical.)
If you like Yiruma's music you should like Giovanni Allevi! Try "Back to life" or "Como sei veramente"
When I read this, thousands of ideas popped into my head! But the two that stood out to me the most were these:
"Nocturne No. 2 in E-Flat Major, Opus 9" by Frederic Chopin.
"Concerto in D Minor BWV 974: II. Adagio" by Alessandro Marcello.
But if you're looking for something on here, here's my favorite piano piece on this website:
https://musescore.com/barryp/image-snowflakes ;
"Image: Snowflakes" by Barry P.
Mariage d’ Armour by Paul Senneville
(Look up the version by the Youtuber Jacob’s Piano.)
Hi there. You can download my scores. They are easy to play for beginner pianists, but they sound nice. Hope to see you on my page.
Greetings, Nicoline

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