Apr 26, 2015

I think Schubert isn't as appreciated as he should be. Mozart, Beethoven, Bach... All of them are the composers that everybody talks about, but not Schubert. Schubert is my favorite composer, and I think he is very similar from Beethoven. They are the top of composers.
I would want to know what you think about Schubert and his brilliant mind.


Schubert was a very smart composer, not just intuitive. I think just about everyone at that time was overshadowed by Beethoven, even today. He's a box office draw. But Schubert will never be forgotten.
Schubert's music is very dear to my heart, much higher in my estimation than Beethoven's. Yes, Beethoven was a risk-taker, a pioneer, but give me Schubert's sanity and depth of emotion any day.
I've tried to transcribe some of Schubert's piano music with MuseScore, but admit defeat. How do you play a love song on a sewing machine?
I really agree with you, Clarin!
Schubert is the first traverser of the bridge built by Beethoven. And, in my opinion, the closest to the architect.
Death and the Maiden quartet is brilliant. I also love Liszt's arrangement of "Die Forelle" for solo piano, and Liszt's "Soirees de Vienne, Valses-Caprices d'apres Fr. Schubert" (No. 6).
Wanderer Fantasie, Impromptus, Moments Musicaux, Fantasie f minor for four hands, Trout Quintet, Death and the Maiden, Unfinished Symphony, Der Erlkonig... I love it. Schubert is my favourite composer.
Schubert's trout and ave maria are among my favorite compositions not to mention his piano sonatas.
The wanderer fantasy is one of the greatest example of the four-movement-in-one structure. Franz Liszt admired the piece of music very much. It must of been Liszt's spark to innovate on that approach to music composition. I believe if it wasn't for Schubert to compose that brilliant piano work, there would be no Piano sonata in B minor by Liszt or even the first piano concerto as we know it today. We should all be thankful that Schubert existed or else the whole of music would have this massive hole in it.
Schubert is neither forgotten nor under-appreciated. Like many "classical" composers he was "rediscovered" long ago and is in the group of composers whose works are always in print and on CD.

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