damage control

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Piano, Bass, Percussion
another one for the "cycles" set. guess i'll never be done with it... oh well...

Faded (hard)

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A bit harder than the original

Stay Together

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Piccolo, Flute(2), Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet(3), Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba(2), Timpani, Percussion(9), Piano
Stay Together written and composed by J. Gadsden.

Stay Together is based on the concept of a romantic relationship on the verge of breaking up but eventually works itself out with determination and communication.

--Actually based on experience.

Piece in F-sharp minor (original)

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If you think you've heard this from me before, then you're probably right :D This is a re upload of a piece I put up here about 8-9 months ago, that I deleted to make room for other scores as I was running on the edge of the five score limit. Now that I have pro, I thought 'why not?', so I'm re uploading this, enjoy :)
Stood Through Time
Custom audio

Stood Through Time

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(You know thaT feeling when you feel like the song you made is actually decent, and you feel like you may have unintentionally plagiarized? Yeah, please tell me if i accidentally plagiarized. Thank you! :D )
You look around you to see that the monster had left. Carefully, you slip away, into a nearby field, your monster friend as your companion. You feel a small movement on your shoulder. The monster friend is writing beside you on a small piece of paper. You read it carefully.
"I have to leave now, but before I do, I want to tell you something of great importance. My homeland, the city your city destroyed, was in peace. The monsters helped the people, and everything was good. However, people are fickle, and flip sides easily. They began spreading lies, running away from their own friends. Why? They were selfish. My city had stood through centuries of being peaceful with our neighbors. But none of that matters anymore. I just wanted to warn you, your rulers are selfish and will do anything to get power. Read the books in the library, they are true history books that tell you of what really happened." Your hands are shaking. Everything you knew about wasbeing ripped out from under you. The monster chirps and flies away.
You just watch it.

(Thanks for reading! Please comment and give advice! Thanks! :D )

Halloween Theme Variations Arranged

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A piece full of varitaions from Halloween them, created with intention of Halloween collection group.

There's a little simbolic part in honor to one of the most known terrorific themes and also one of greatest keyboard compositions, do you find it?

My first finished Etude!

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This is the first Etude that I completed of this set. for me this is really exciting, because I tend to start things, but never finish them. I finished this in 2 weeks! (again, I know that is not that great but that's the fastest I've ever uploaded something)
I hope you all have some good critique! But please understand that's it's not perfect, and that I'm only in middle scool, so It won't be as good.

WIP PianoQuintetNO 1 6142014PUTtiNgINtheD A M A G E

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Piano, Violin(2), Viola, Cello
Old Work of mine ythat I'm revisiting ! String Quartet with Piano or a Piano Quintet her the ones bu Faure , Brahms, Mozart and some recent ones if possible by Maderna , Berio , SChnittke , Ligeti , Britten , Arvo part , Matthias Pintscher , Unsuk chin , Melinda wagner , Jennifer H and Coriglano ! It'a onderful medium for players great sound material for composers and a n entire GENRE to itself !!!!

LesMouches (THE FLIES ) from Symphony No 6recent

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Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet(3), Bassoon(2), Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, French Horn, Trumpet(2), Trombone, Timpani, Percussion(15), Piano(2), Harp, Violin(2), Strings(9), Viola, Cello, Contrabass
2nd movement from my 6 th Symphony !

IMEA Idea #2

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So I decided to enter into the ILMEA Statewide composition contest because I DIDN'T make it into the District 9 honor band (which was incredibly suprising), and this is probably what I'm gonna end up submitting on November 1st.

and eventually, I'll upload the whole piece with ME playing it on a REAL piano (;0;)

Also, just bear with the audio a bit in the beginning because musescore reads tremolos to play as loudly and aggressively as possible

One last thing, this was all written by hand this week, I merely copied it down into musescore today, and I think I'll finish it in musescore this weekend because doing this by hand takes FOREVER, but its by far the most organic process of creating music

WIP Piano Composition Contest

I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died

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Goodbye Musescore.

I have decided to quit musescore. I can clearly see that MuseScore will not be friendly to the type of music I want to write. I will continue composing but my compositions will only be on be shared within my Patreon supporters and my private circle of friends.
Horn concerto en F
Custom audio

Horn concerto en F

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Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, French Horn, Piano(2), Viola, Cello, Contrabass
please give me your feedback