Prelude in E major (original)

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Another prelude of mine, this one is a bit more conservative musically than my last two, but it certainly took as much effort to write as them. I'm quite proud of how this piece turned out, but as always, criticism is always welcome. Enjoy :) PS. I never give titles to pieces that are beyond the name of the genre, but I think I can break that "rule" with this one. I'd give a title "Lovestruck" or something along those lines. It just sort of sounds like that feeling to me at least :D And it's totally not because I've got a crush on a girl from my school... again, who may or may not have inspired this piece ;D This title is just how I see it, you can still interpret it however you want to.

Untitled to flat (more like a 3-piano etude)

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Piano(3), Timpani, Contrabass, Flute, Violin


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Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Bassoon, French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Timpani, Percussion(2), Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello
Here's something I wrote for our orchestra. I tried to just take the chords and distribute appropriately. Feel free to comment, and stay tuned because I have more songs in the queue! Oh, and start listening at C. I used

Études d'après Compositeurs No.6 in D-Flat Major - (Midnight Dreams)

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This is the sixth étude of my Études d'après Compositeurs set, arranged after Liszt's Transcendental Études No.11 (Harmonies du Soir). I have titled this piece "Midnight Dreams" as the calming arpeggios remind me of a peaceful, tranquil night. Meanwhile, the grandiose, expressive, harmonic middle sessions remind me of vivid dreams. After the exciting climax, the piece ends with a peaceful and tranquil note, indicating ones' dream is almost over. In order to create a playback as close to human interpretation as possible, I have placed over 500 hidden tempo and dynamic changes in total. I have put a lot of effort into this étude. Please feel free to comment and let me know your suggestions.


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Violin(2), Viola, Cello
there is a fuga in this quatuor, le kapellmaestro helped me a little bit. give me your opinion please

Summer Breeze (Inspired by Robin M. Butler's Morning Dew)

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After listening to Robin M. Butler's wonderful piece Morning Dew I was so moved by it I just had to make my own. We'll call it an unofficial sequel for now. I don't think that it is in anyway close to as good as Robin's piece, but I think it's still quite nice. And I know I don't have a fancy live recording but I think the Musescore audio does pretty well to convey my piece's intended beauty. Here's a link to Robin's peice As always critique is appreciated, and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Waltz No.1 in G Minor

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This is the first waltz that I have ever composed. Please feel free to comment and let me know your suggestions. The lovely second theme (from Measure 75 to 90) are from Sofiane Kerrakchou's Waltz No.1.

Mario Aragón, Minuet in D Major OsO. 8.

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This is my second Minuet. (Also in D Major) This piece has an ABA' structure (Ternary form) I was mainly inspired by Mozart Sonata No 5 and Haydn Sonata No. 7 in C Major as we can see it at A and B section. Please comment.


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Self Annihilation --- The world is endlessly cruel. We are the cause of all human suffering. Who am I? Am I the body or the soul? Is my conscious the result of thousands of atoms or is it an unreal miracle that I can see the world this way? When I die, who am I leaving behind? The person who I was or the person I thought I was? The world is endlessly cruel. We are the cause of all human suffering. Who are you? Is your soul in control of your body? Which do you think you are? Where do you go when you die? The world is endlessly cruel. We are the cause of all human suffering. If I am the body and damned to the earth for all eternity, I will do my best to save every soul I meet. If I am the soul waiting to enter the afterlife, I will do my best to save every body I can so they can save every soul they meet. The world is endlessly cruel. We are the cause of all human suffering. We are the expediting the death of the world that has hosted the souls of so many. We are reckless with the life we are given. We lay waste to others life like there are no consequences. We are the cause of all hate in the world. Maybe one day we can achieve a world where sorrow no longer exist. The world is not real. It is an image created by the mind. It's not realistic to expect perfection on earth, but if the earth is not real itself, we can try to do what is unreal. Love is the answer. I believe that the soul gives us the power to love. Love is a powerful emotion in our bodies. It changes people for better or worse, but love is so powerful. It's so incredibly powerful and if we could achieve such power, we could make the world better. Love each person you meet with all your heart. Save each soul you can.

S.R. Henry's Barn Dance

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Voice, Piano
S.R. Henry is not a name I imagine many people have heard of, or at least know anything about. What is perhaps also uncommon knowledge is that it was actually a pseudonym of Henry Robert Stern, another name I imagine isn't very popular today. I say this, because it might come at a surprise to you that Stern was actually a prolific composer all the way from 1899 to 1920, and composed a handful of songs after up until 1941. I haven't the time or patience to read through how many he did, but for comparison, his list of known compositions on Bill Edward's site: is visibly longer than Scott Joplin's. I'm sure there's quite a bit more to say about the man, but if I went through that biography and picked out everything interesting I imagine I'd be here all day, so just sit back and enjoy the song!