Need help finding music... PIANO SOLO

I have been asked to play for a wedding in 3 weeks (and yes, they just asked HAHA! I agreed because I'm insane).

It's a very small affair, just 20 people attending, but even in this situation I feel the bride and groom deserve the best!

They've given a specific song for their procession but have no idea what they want for their recessional! Their only request is preferably something 'dramatic', but not the typical wedding march.

Upon further questioning I know they have a great love for metal and hard rock as well as for cheesy old classics (Monster Mash LOL), but that's all they've given me. They are trusting me completely to come up with some ideas.

I'm at a loss as I try to figure this one out. Anyone have any ideas for a suitably dramatic piece that would be a triumphant finish to their ceremony? I am willing to purchase music as well, of course, so please don't be limited to free pieces only. My skill level is ... uh, experienced? I guess. I completed Grade 8 RCM and was studying Grade 9 RCM when I had to quit lessons and since then I have played for many an event and have been an accompanist for a 50 man choir for years.

Thank you guys!!! Any ideas/suggestions are welcomed and most appreciated.

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6 days ago


How big/flexible are your hands?

My right hand can stretch an 11th chord 
My left hand can also stretch an 11th chord 
I'll take Au lac de Wallenstadt by Liszt as an example, I can play:
The last chord, which goes as follows:
ab -> eb -> ab -> c 
The very first chord, which goes as follows:
ab -> eb -> c
with my left hand
Measure 70:
eb -> next octave -> ab
(without the grace notes inbetween)
with my right hand

My handspan is approximately 25cm, but I have flexible fingers :D
Now, what about you? ^_^

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a month ago

Stuff to play

I'm currently looking for some pieces to learn. I'm grade 8 in ABRSM, and would like to learn some pieces around that skill level. Any pieces you guys recommend?

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3 months ago

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a month ago

How long have you been playing for?

Personally I've really taken to the piano, practising at least 1 hour a day, so it kinda pays of, been playing for 2 years so far, So I do play Rachmaninoff of which I enjoy immensely, also I enjoy Debussy and personally find it more relaxing.

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6 years ago

Does anyone else have this problem

so sometimes when I write pieces I write an alberti/broken chord in the bass line, i.e separate notes of a chord played in succession. Sometimes I write one, and in my mind I already know what the second one should sound like. Then when I try to write it down it doesn't come out right. I try altering notes but it still doesn't work.

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16 days ago

I'm hoping someone can give me a bit of advice...

 Thank you so much to everyone that has given feedback... good people, for real.


I'm 30 and I've been really focusing on learning the piano for about 6 months, transitioning from the guitar (almost 20 years experience)

That being said, I don't currently have a whole lot of musician friends, nor have I ever taken any lessons (will soon :\ bills..)  
In other words I've had no one to bounce my playing off of or give me any advice.

This is a link to a video I just posted to YouTube of me playing Chopin's Prelude op. 28 no. 7 in A Major, been practicing this piece for about a week and any pointers, advice or critique on my playing would be greatly appreciated...

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a month ago

performance speed/music pace is slow

Hello, I made a piano chords using my hum (with another app) and opened it on Musescore app as MIDI file. The chords transferred correctly, but the problem is that movement speed(the blue/red highlights when I'm playing the music) so slow. I tried to change the tempo, and did anything I can, but it doesn't really speed up to where I want it to be.

link to my music sheet: 
ideal speed I want: (look at the playback speed)

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29 days ago


I have been playing piano for almost 6 years now, and I am 13. Is it normal when playing a piece such as The Entertainer take such a long time to learn. I feel like some of my friends who have started much later than me and have only been playing for one or two years are catching up to me very fast. While it takes me anywhere from 2-5 months to learn a piece, it takes them a couple of weeks to learn their pieces. And I always seem to get stuck in certain parts of a song. Especially with the left hand. And sometimes those things take weeks to fix. I have started The Entertainer a couple months ago and can’t even do two pages. And is there anything anyone suggests that could help me go through prices faster. And yes I do take lessons. once a week for 30 minutes. But sometimes I feel like I learn absolutely nothing but it’s expensive AF. I have also done other pieces including fur Elise
, Turkish March, piano sonata no. 16, and many more, and I also have completed all of the piano adventure books up to 6. With all this information. Can anyone give me some tips on how to fix certain parts in songs that you can’t seem to do right.

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a month ago

Can anyone relate?

Quick question,
I played the piano from 6 - 12 years of age and I loved it a whole bunch, my father used to put too much pressure on me, and I caved under that pressure and never played again.

Fastforward to now, I am 45 years old...
My husband and I were offered a used baby grand piano for an excellent price, and since we have the space and an 8-year-old daughter, he decided to purchase it.

But since it has been in our house, I have become obsessed with printing music and  playing it, and I practice every single day, and amazingly enough lots of things have come back.  I still read music, although there are some things that I know I missed.

But is it reasonable for me to think that at this age I can regain and be an adult that can actually play?  Has anyone picked this up again later in life and been able to do it better?  I do not want to take classes because I do not have the time, but is there a site I can go to, to pick up some skills that I missed?

I appreciate any feedback.


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a month ago

Why Doesn't An Upright Piano Look More Like This?

In the baroque era, there was an upright version of the harpsichord. However it 
looked nothing like the upright pianos of today. It was called a
clavicytherium and it looked like this.
what changed? why does today's upright look so different?

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a month ago