Les soirées ont été organisées par les Folk Junkies goodrobe.fr

 Les soirées ont été organisées par les Folk Junkies, réservées par le biais de Tailored Entertainment, avec DJ Will de Cotswold DJ fournissant la musique entre les séries.

«Nous voulions un groupe de folk qui ferait danser tout le monde. Folk Junkies étaient vraiment bons et ont contribué à faire de cette soirée une fête incroyable.

“Mon conseil principal serait d'essayer de profiter de la planification et de construire autant que possible. Il est facile de se laisser prendre et d’être stressé à propos de choses qui ne sont pas vraiment importantes. Nous n'avions que neuf mois pour planifier le mariage et j'étais déterminé à en profiter autant que possible.


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4 hours ago


Piano has always been an instrument with great appeal. So when I was 8 my parents let me have a keyboard. The only problem is that they never really let me take lessons so I had to teach myself everything. I can play canon, minuets, and other pieces, but I can't read sheet music. I can read sheet music on viola and violin though. So on piano I've basically been on the same level the past 3 years and I was wondering where I could get some help

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13 days ago

Stuff to play

I'm currently looking for some pieces to learn. I'm grade 8 in ABRSM, and would like to learn some pieces around that skill level. Any pieces you guys recommend?

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15 days ago

Triple Manual Harpsichord

I know that harpsichord doesn't really pertain to the piano group, but I'm going to ask this anyway. some harpsichords have one keyboard, while others have two. the ones with 2 keyboards are called double manual harpsichords. So I was wondering if they ever created a triple manual harpsichord, with 3 keyboards

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9 days ago

How long have you been playing for?

Personally I've really taken to the piano, practising at least 1 hour a day, so it kinda pays of, been playing for 2 years so far, So I do play Rachmaninoff of which I enjoy immensely, also I enjoy Debussy and personally find it more relaxing.

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6 years ago

What to play, what to play...

I played piano when I was younger but decided to get back into it. I relearned the first movement of Moonlight Sonata and I am currently learning Claire de Lune by Debusssy. I can also play The Entertainer by Scott Joplin. What are songs that are around my skill level? Thanks!

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16 days ago

Piano Hub Weekly Digest

Hey Everyone,

We have recently kicked off a Weekly Digest to summarize the happenings within the hub each week and to highlight some of the new scores or discussions we feel really stand out.

As we develop this, we'd love to get your thoughts on how we can improve this. What would you like to see? What additional information or resources could be most valuable?

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20 days ago

Hello/ New keyboard advice needed!

Hi I'm Shirsho and I've been learning the piano on my own for about 5 months (Piano for dummies helped a lot). Well my current keyboard has 45 keys only (casio SA76) and I am planning to buy a new one. Sadly I have a tight budget of about $300. What should I buy? I was thinking of getting a Williams legato for the 88 keys but reviews seem to be mixed. What should I get? I am from Bangladesh btw :)

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a month ago

Legal boring stuff but please answer if you know

Okay, so i found some sheet music on here which i have edited, I now feel like others may want to use it. am i allowed to upload it seeing as i based it off someone else's work on here?
I would guess i would have to get their permission but it's also a popular song so idk
Please answer ;)

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24 days ago

Problem with reading Alkan Op.35 No. 1

So, I was sight-reading the melody part of the first Op. 35 etude and after having played through the first page a few times, I decided to look at the 3rd and last one and I've discovered some strange notes in the last few measures, that look like squares with lines on each side and they seemed to be completely unreadable for me...

Can someone please explain how to read them and why they are written like this?

Robin Pannenberg

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a month ago

Piano Duet Suggestions

I want to do a Piano duet with a friend from school for eisteddfod in a few months. Are there any cool arrangements of songs that I will be able to download/buy? Due to copyright and stuff it is probably best if we can buy the sheet music but if there are compositions by people on musescore it should be okay too. We are about the same level (Grade 6/7 AMEB) so if it is a little challenging but still not too hard that would be great.

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2 years ago

Weekly Competition Prompts!!

Hello all! I hope everyone is having a lovely day. :)

I wanted to introduce MusiComp Prompts to you guys.

A lot of competition groups on here never last long. For some reason or another, many of them always seem to inevitably become inactive. I wanted to combat that and create a friendly competition group that lasted, so I created MusiComp Prompts!

Each week, I post prompts in four different categories - Theory, Concept, Emotion, and Story. You can enter whichever one(s) you want to, whichever weeks you want to. You have a week to compose a piece for the prompt(s) you choose, then I judge them and proclaim a winner for each prompt.

I didn't want to post anything in here until the group was going pretty steady, so we are actually on Week #5 right now, but we're always looking for new people to submit their work!

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, I urge you to check out the group and see if you have any inspiration for this week's prompts.


Thank you so much, guys! :)

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a month ago