An introduction to classical music.

I have recently found an interesting video of "non musicians" reacting to classical music.

Naturally, I find these kinds of videos as cheesy as you can possibly get. Then again, it does raise an interesting question: what would you play if you had to introduce people to classical music?

I'm interested to see what you think. Below, drop a list of 5 compositions of any classical genre (orchestral, chamber or piano solo) and maybe we can discuss our choices on this subject.
Stating performers or specific performances are optional.

So, What would your playlist be if you wanted to introduce friends and family to the world of classical music?

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a year ago


I think Schubert isn't as appreciated as he should be. Mozart, Beethoven, Bach... All of them are the composers that everybody talks about, but not Schubert. Schubert is my favorite composer, and I think he is very similar from Beethoven. They are the top of composers.
I would want to know what you think about Schubert and his brilliant mind.

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3 years ago

Length = Grandiosity?

I've heard many great pieces of classical and modern (pop and rock) music throughout my time when I started studying and playing music seriously. One thing I have recently asked myself is

"Is there a correlation between the length of a piece of music, sets of pieces, songs or albums and their emotional impacts on the human mind?"

Ever since I started studying jazz, pop and rock after two years of classical music immersion, it became increasingly evident that a piece of music's emotional weight isn't always reflected by it's length. The song Vanilla Twilight by Owl City is for me one of the most beautiful song I've ever heard. Yet it is only 3:50 in length. Such a song is as satisfying as Liszt's sonata (30 minutes) and that is as satisfying as his Faust Symphony (75 minutes). Pink Floyd's "The Wall" hits the 80 minute mark.

While I thoroughly enjoy listening to the long form masterpieces of the classical and the modern music worlds, I still enjoy the smaller works and songs as much as the large works because they have the uncanny power to loosen me up and even cheer me up when I feel particularly down.

What are your opinions on this subject?

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2 years ago

More than classical music?

I just joined this group and realized that all the admins were classical music people. as well as everyone in discussions. So is this group for only classical music composers? If so, you should change the description because it says this group is for all piano.

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2 years ago

The sonata

From the baroque period of Bach and Handel to classical perfections of Mozart and Beethoven, all the way up to the contemporary innovations of Liszt and Prokofiev, the sonata (and the sonata form) has always been a frame work for simply brilliant pieces of music for the solo piano to chamber music and orchestral music throughout time. Which is your favourite?

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3 years ago

Requesting tips for a beginner


I am new to MuseScore and I do not really know how the community works yet, so I apologise if I got out of line by creating this discussion out of the blue.

I am a beginner piano player. I have been taking lessons for around 6 or 7 months. Even though I have a teacher I believe that everyone have different experiences, styles of teaching and play. That being said I would like to request to whoever would like to contribute with tips, nice habits to have while practicing and learning, etc.

The immediate question that pops up to my mind right now is: Tips to learn how to play fast.
For example in this piece: (Once again, I am sorry if I am not allowed to post links in the discussion, please notify me if I do anything wrong.)
How do you play those little notes in measure 15?
And what is a good way to learn how to play the "fast parts" (starting in var.1)?

Even though I asked specific questions remember that I would love and be thankful if you gave me tips in general regarding piano playing as I mentioned before, so go wild!

Thanks in advance, guys!

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3 years ago

A new revolutionary, standard concert instrument?

It has been some time ago now, but on the 27th of May 2015 I have read an article in The Guardian newspaper about Daniel Barenboim's commissioning of a new grand piano that might potentially some day in the future take Steinway's place as the new standard concert grand piano (for more info, click here: I am not much of a connoisseur of different piano sound but according to what Barenboim says about his "dream piano", I am beginning to get the feeling that Steinway is slowly but surely becoming obsolete. What do you think?

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3 years ago

Instruments Needed

Here is a list of the instruments we need in the orchestra:
Flute 1/Flute 2
(Extra Clarinets)
Bass Clarinets
Trumpet ******** (Needed Badly)
Tuba ****
Double Basses
Vocals ****
Please, If you can double on these or know others who would be willing to do them, tell them of the orchestra !
You can email me the recording at:
Thank You Everyone !

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4 years ago

Hi! / feedback?

Hi all,

I just received an invitation to join the piano group, and I just wanted to say hi and thanks!

I'm not a pianist but I wrote a few pieces which I thought would be nice for piano. Would anyone in this group be so kind as to assess whether these pieces are actually playable by piano? And if possible, point out problematic sections and/or suggestions for improvement? I would be much obliged :)

Here's the list of scores I could use some feedback on from pianists:

* Fuge I (
* Fuge II (
* Fuge III (
* Fuge IV (
* Mirror Canon I ( and its inverse
* Mirror Canon II ( and its inverse

(When I'm confident it's actually playable on a piano, I'd be happy to share these scores with the group so they appear in this groups' sheetmusic feed)

Thanks in advance, and kind regards,


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5 years ago

Die ersten bunten Blätter fallen

Hello all,

My first post here. I'm looking for comments on my piece "Die ersten bunten Blätter fallen" which I linked to this group. Since it's my first composition, I'd like to listen to some advice from you guys. Especially here about the piano accompaniement, whether it matches well the melody of the two other instruments and so on. Thank you very much!

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5 years ago