Favorite interpretations

Of the five pieces listed below, what are your favourite interpretations of each?

A:Chopin-Ballade No.1
B:Scriabin-Sonata No.5
C:Beethoven-Sonata No.14 "Moonlight"
D:Liszt-Hungarian Rhapsody no.2
E:Rachmaninoff-Concerto no.3

Mine are:
A: Ferrucio Busoni
B: Sviatoslav Richter
C: Glenn Gould
D: Josef Hoffman
E: Sergei Rachmaninoff

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5 years ago

Instruments Needed

Here is a list of the instruments we need in the orchestra:
Flute 1/Flute 2
(Extra Clarinets)
Bass Clarinets
Trumpet ******** (Needed Badly)
Tuba ****
Double Basses
Vocals ****
Please, If you can double on these or know others who would be willing to do them, tell them of the orchestra !
You can email me the recording at: xak_robinson@hotmail.com
Thank You Everyone !

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4 years ago

Hi! / feedback?

Hi all,

I just received an invitation to join the piano group, and I just wanted to say hi and thanks!

I'm not a pianist but I wrote a few pieces which I thought would be nice for piano. Would anyone in this group be so kind as to assess whether these pieces are actually playable by piano? And if possible, point out problematic sections and/or suggestions for improvement? I would be much obliged :)

Here's the list of scores I could use some feedback on from pianists:

* Fuge I (http://musescore.com/user/67638/scores/86366)
* Fuge II (http://musescore.com/user/67638/scores/89340)
* Fuge III (http://musescore.com/user/67638/scores/104780)
* Fuge IV (http://musescore.com/user/67638/scores/112133)
* Mirror Canon I (http://musescore.com/user/67638/scores/110243 and its inverse http://musescore.com/user/67638/scores/110572)
* Mirror Canon II (http://musescore.com/user/67638/scores/142831 and its inverse http://musescore.com/user/67638/scores/142900)

(When I'm confident it's actually playable on a piano, I'd be happy to share these scores with the group so they appear in this groups' sheetmusic feed)

Thanks in advance, and kind regards,


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4 years ago

Die ersten bunten Blätter fallen

Hello all,

My first post here. I'm looking for comments on my piece "Die ersten bunten Blätter fallen" which I linked to this group. Since it's my first composition, I'd like to listen to some advice from you guys. Especially here about the piano accompaniement, whether it matches well the melody of the two other instruments and so on. Thank you very much!

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4 years ago

Composition Hints

There are some hints:

1.Be unusual
2.Keep ideas or musics for afterwards, even if you don't like them, because someone could like it, or you realize that you like that
3.Only use really bass notes in special cases
4.Don't be so serious! Play with the notes.
5.Ask opinion of others
6.Try on the piano(or other instrument) melodies that you like, and try new ones

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5 years ago

Piano Questions

Hello, I was wondering if someone could give me some advice. I've been meaning to learn one of the Chopin etudes for a while now, but it has always seemed so daunting, I was wondering if anyone had any tips as to which one or how it should be done.

Additional info- I'm probably somewhere between level 8 and 9, can play Prelude in C# Minor, 1st 3 movements of Pictures at an Exhibition (2promnades+gnomes-cadenza), Debussy prelude b1 no 8,and about 90% through with Pathetique, mostly done with miroirs no. 2. CANNOT play (though I have tried) Rachmaninov etudes, Ballade no. 1, Jeux d'eau.

Also, I'm supposed to be learning Suggestion Diabolique, and I am having MAJOR problems with playing chromatic thirds at 144, advice would be appreciated!

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5 years ago

How to edit/create and save (own) piano's font?

Dear All,

I have in my mind how to edit a piano sound to make it meet what I expect. For example, I have used these piano sound's below:
- acoustic_grand_piano_ydp_20080910.sf2
- GeneralUser GS MuseScore v1.44.sf2
- merlin_gold.sf2
- Piano_Yamaha_DX7.sf2
- TimGM6mb.sf2
Those sound font, seems not any one really meets what I expect, and really different with the real acoustic piano's sound . Thereby, I need to edit it and save it permanently (instead of using Microtonal tuning). To edit it is means to change its frequency (probably), its bandwidth, its pitch, its intensity, etc, and I want to make it permanent, not by using Micro-tonal tuning, which it will be only applicable to single composition. I found the formula of piano's sound as below:

Piano's Sound/font = 6.875 x 2exp(3+MIDI_PITCH)/12)

MIDI_PITCH = from 21 (left most) to 108 (right most).
MIDI_PITCH of Middle C = 60 --> its frequency = 261.6256Hz
MIDI_PITCH of A4 (A after Middle C) = 69 --> its frequency = 440.0000Hz
(Reference: http://www.musicmasterworks.com/WhereMathMeetsMusic.html )

Is any body know how to edit the sound font?

Every comment will be appreciated.

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5 years ago

How to understand and play Key Signature with Piano?

Dear Piano lovers,

I do need your help.

I am just new to learn piano and music score. I have question that quite confusing me, that is about KEY SIGNATURE, something like below:

When we are in C (natural), we will have no doubt to play DO-RE-ME-FA-SOL-LA-SI-DO', which we will start play/press the Middle C as DO, which the middle C is the 40th key, and in the score, the location of DO is one extra line below the score. My confusion is when we play another KEY SIGNATURE, say G Major, what tuts we will start to play? Is any affection in play/pressing the tuts on the piano? What if I play A Major, what is the tuts I will start to play? And so on...

Appreciated every comments.

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5 years ago

Break Every X Measures is NOT working (work inconsitently)

Hello MuseScorers,

I just need help from you all. When I create a music scale with number of bar more than 4, I need to break it with 4 bars every measure. Sometimes it works nicely when I put the measure every 4 measures. But, sometimes it is NOT working or inconsistent, which the bars per lines some are 3 bars / line, some only 1 bar / line, some other work correctly 4 bars per line. I have tried many times with "Break Every 2 Measures", "Break Every 3 Measures", "Break Every 4 Measures", "Break Every 5 Measures", "Break Every 6 Measures". It only works when I make "Break Every 1 Measures" ;).

Is any idea to make it nicely "Break Every 4 Measures".

Appreciated every response.

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5 years ago

How to make slur/legato with the same notes/pitch

Hi MuseScorers,

I need your help. I have confusion in making scale witch involving phrasing. Here, I got confusion to make slur/legato if the the notes are same (same pitch). In the MuseScore, when the notes pitch are same, will be played as TIE (instead of slur/legato), which actually I intend to make slur/legato that is played with articulation. I found many legatos applied in a music score that is based on number, and we can see it very clear when we sing. How to do it in MuseScore?

Appreciated every comment.

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5 years ago

Treble Clef 8va

"Treble clef 8va" is in the "Clef" of musescore. But I haven't seen it in piano sheets before. So, has anyone seen it in "paper piano sheet"? I want to write some bars with it.

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5 years ago

A Crazy Dream About 12 Different Key Signatures

I had a crazy dream about key signatures: a variation with 2 themes and 12 parts, the key signature of each part is different. The pattern is "minor, major, minor, major, minor, major...".

After I woke up, I realize that I made a big mistake in my sonatina. I only use 11 different key signatures. But, there are 12 different key signatures! How careless I am!

So, is there a famous piece with 12 different key signatures? I want to read it.

By the way, I wish someone could use the idea from my dream. I want to hear such a variation. But I don't have any idea about it, even the themes. And I don't want to arrange any famous themes, since many people do so, even famous composers.

( For example:
Paganini Caprice No.24
Twelve Variations on "Ah vous dirai-je, Maman". )

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6 years ago