hello, I am looking for someone to write a review on a work of mine! A short review on each piece in this work. Contact me for details at

I need some reviews to put into an introduction of this work before publication.


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7 months ago

Virtuoso Compositions

I originally wanted to create a group for piano virtuoso compositions, until I realized one already existed. So instead, post any of your incredibly difficult virtuoso pieces that are so hard you most likely can't even play them, in this discussion. If you can play your virtuoso pieces, please post a videoscore of you playing them.

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2 years ago

Music Club Group

I wanted to warn you all not to join the "Music Club" group on Musescore. I was a member before removed because I broke a rule that they did not even mention before. When I spoke out against the pseudo-warning I received, they removed me from the group, and all admins blocked me. I was merely responding to a discussion in which an aspiring composer asked for advice from other members, when the admin told me that I'd broken a rule. Since when is counsel a punishable offense? Since when is it against the rules to offer advice to a peer? Anyway, I just want to warn everyone of this group. You, of course, still have the freedom to join the group if you want, but you should understand that you will find an extremely strict community led by even stricter admins.

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11 months ago


I have decided that since this group is actually gaining some new members and more and more compositions are being posted, I will turn anyone who posts at least five scores in this group into an admin. If the group continues to gain more and more members, I'll change the requirements to attaining the status of admin.

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2 years ago