Switching instruments

I'm a viola but I'm tired of playing the supporting role in every song. The violins outnumber us by at least 20, so what's the point? I'm also tired of all the viola jokes and how underrated we are. "Oh you're actually pretty good and don't entirely suck at your instrument? Screw you, you're a viola!" I'm tired of this and I'm thinking of switching to violin. Should I?

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10 months ago

From violinist to violist

Hi, I am a violinist who writes pieces for string quartets. I have been recently asked why I used alto clef and not treble clef, so I was wondering which clef you violists prefer, treble or alto?

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11 months ago

Electric Viola

Is there any good electric viola for $100-500? If there is any.
Anyways I need 16-19 inch viola so if you have a link to anything I might be able to buy it

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a year ago