Random math problems

This is where you can post random math problems and people can try to solve them.
I'll keep a leaderboard going of whose problems took the longest to solve.
If anyone posts an impossible problem I'll remove it and remove them from the leaderboard.
No using google to solve a problem unless it has not been solved for 24 hours!
Times: *
Divided by: /
Power: ^
Not equals: !=
Greater or Lesser than or equal to: <= or >=
Good luck
If I missed any symbols that aren't obvious, state them in your problem

1st: Mincerafte 19:00
2nd: Huntman 52:00
3rd: EnderDalek 28d
Current problem (to be)posted by... EnderDalek!!!

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2 years ago

FREE pro membership

You can get a pro membership for FREE by registering and paying for a 1 year subscription, then cancelling it immediately. It did not charge my credit card, and is still giving me a 1 month trial.

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a year ago

Complete limerick contest.

This space reserved for the winner.

Enter as often as you like. All participants get to vote for their favourite, other than their own. Vote any time after their are 10 limericks posted to this discussion. Best gets put in the discussion header.

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2 years ago

Riddle Center!

I've been inspired by Huntman's "Random math problems" discussion, so I've started something similar! If one wants to post a riddle, you must notify me, and you will be taken off of the leaderboard. Here are some rules:
1) Absolutely no Google! NO NO NO NO NO!
2) If no one answers within 3 days (POTATO SALAD!), I will delete the post and post a new one.
3) You do not have to post the time of solving. The score is based on how MANY you get right.
4) Whoever gets to 10 correct answers first will have the choice to do a collab with me! If you decide not to, you can also have me write a song for you!
5) No repeats... please.
6) Must be somewhat clean. It doesn't have to be like bunny rabbits and rainbows, but if I deem it inappropriate, then it will be taken down immediately and you will be taken off of the leaderboard... and I have pretty high standards.
7) You cannot correctly answer more than 3 riddles in a row.
8) Good luck!

First riddle: What is it that no man ever yet did see, which never was, but always is to be?

1)Huntman, with 2 points. (0 streak, 2 max streak)
2)EnderDalek712, with 1 point. (1 streak, 1 max streak)
3)RookWizard, with 1 point. (0 streak, 1 max streak)

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2 years ago

Mincerafte ends discussions

When I looked at all of the discussions today I noticed that 6 of them had mincerafte having posted the last comment, and had had no comments in the last three days.
Conclusion: Mincerafte ends discussions

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2 years ago

Can you Haiku

"Haiku" is a traditional form of Japanese poetry. Haiku poems consist of 3 lines. The first and last lines of a Haiku have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7 syllables. The lines rarely rhyme.

An old silent pond...
A frog jumps into the pond,
splash! Silence again.

Basho Matsuo (Master Poet appr. AD1600's)

Put your best Haiku here. If you dare!

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2 years ago

Don't you dare figure out what this means...

77 35 2f 44 6f 53 42 5a 61 57 7a 44 75 32 74 30 77 36 48 44 72 57 51 67 56 4d 4f 69 62 48 4c 44 71 38 4f 74 5a 43 42 52 77 37 78 32 77 36 74 78 77 36 39 74 49 53 42 46 61 33 6e 44 76 57 31 68 77 36 73 68

I predict that no one will figure out what this means. Seriously. Do not waste your time on this. Warning: I am not to be held legally responsible for what happens if you decide to try and figure it out. No, it is not impossible, but it is very close to that. Unless you see the link, in which case it is rather easy. Finding and interpreting that link is probably the hardest part. Now that I have scared you away or intrigued you, good luck!

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2 years ago